Five Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents: {Getting Started} Helpful Links, Day 1

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool ParentsI am joining up with about 50 other bloggers from the Schoolhouse Review Crew to bring some helpful tips for homeschool parents. I am going to be sharing a ton of helpful links with you over the next several posts. This first post will be for those just starting out with homeschooling so if this is you – read on. If it isn’t, maybe you know someone who might find it helpful. If so, please share it with them! Our oldest son’s Tae Kwon Do instructor recently asked me about getting started with homeschooling. These are some links I thought she might find helpful – so I thought I’d share them here as well!

Today we will cover:

  • Learning Styles (student)
  • Teaching Styles (parent)
  • Homeschooling Approaches

But first, check your homeschooling state laws at HSLDA.

Learning Style

If you are just thinking about homeschooling, or just starting homeschooling, you will want an idea of what your child/s learning style is. What is a “learning style”? Basically it is how they learn the best, or what their preferred way of learning is. Some kids learn best by hearing, others learn better by touching. Which is your child? Here are some links to help you with learning styles:

Weird, Unsocialize Homeschoolers shares How to Homeschool: Determine Your Child’s Learning Style

From Time4Learning: Learning Styles

Homeschool World: Discover Your Learning Style

Marianne at Abundant Life has this to say about Learning Styles and the Homeschool

Here is a “quiz” to help determine learning style.

Teaching Style

The next thing you want to consider is what kind of teaching style do YOU have? Yes, YOU! Here are some links to help you understand these a little more:

This one is a bit long but skip down about half way (if you want) and it will be worth the read! Homeschooling 911 shares What’s Your Teaching Style? (And Why It Matters).

Homeschool Approaches

Then there are homeschooling approaches…which will you be? Do you prefer textbooks? Or do you want to be as far from those as possible? Do you want to follow what your child has interest in? Here are some places to find help with what learning approaches are… has this to share: Homeschooling Approaches

Hearts at Home shares about Homeschool Teaching Methods.

Oklahoma Homeschool has an excellent article Homeschool Teaching Methods with some additional resources.

Eclectic Homeschooling has this neat quiz that might help you learn a little about your homeschool philosphy: What Kind of Homeschooler Are You?

Huge FREE Resource!

A really cool FREE resource for getting started with homeschooling is offered by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and is called Homeschool Welcome Basket.

Each day I will share ten other bloggers joining in on this series (each day will be 10 DIFFERENT bloggers) with a link to their blog. This will make it super easy for you to go visit and see what they are sharing (each blogger is sharing different tips!)…just click the links here:

Jeniffer @ Thou Shall Not Whine
Jennifer @ A Peace of Mind
Jennifer @ Faithful Homestead
Joelle @ homeschooling for His Glory
Joesette @ Learning Curve
Kari @ Random Acts of Boyhood
Katie @ Katie’s Daily Life
Kemi @ Homemaking Organized
Kim @ Homestead Acres
Kylie @ Our Worldwide Classroom

Enjoy the journey!


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2 thoughts on “Five Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents: {Getting Started} Helpful Links, Day 1

  1. Michele@ Family, Faith and Fridays March 29, 2016 at 9:24 am Reply

    These are great points! with four children, ages 8- 22, we have found learning styles to be very important and often the driving force to what curriculum we choose in a given year!


  2. Rox March 29, 2016 at 4:44 pm Reply

    It is true, effectively understanding peoples learning styles and they may have more than one, you can incorporate each style to the activity to ensure that information is retained.


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