My Week In Review

Hi! I am joining up with Home to 4 Kiddos this week and sharing “My Week in Review”.

Daddy was on vacation this week so we started out the week by returning home from visiting daddy’s parents “down south” (about a 4-1/2 hour drive). In general we’ve had a fairly relaxing week. We have done a little bit of schooling but it has been VERY RELAXED.

Daddy and P started a Robotics class online through Jetpack Academy that they have been working on slowly. They watched a couple of lessons. One of them discussed making / using a home-made lie detector test using a multi meter. We tried it (on me) but it didn’t really seem to work successfully but it was fun to try anyway.

We did some of our regular BJU online classes as well as worked on a couple reviews.

Visits to the park are always a requirement! We live easily within walking distance from one and we love to take a soft ball to throw and play ball tag, often asking other kids if they want to join (and they often do).

I got a bunch of Trim Healthy Mama plan ingredients in the mail and we tried several things. You may recall that I’ve posted about THM in the past:

More On Weight-loss; Trim Healthy Mama

Fooled Ya Pizza

Note that those posts are from 2 years ago. LOL This time I hope to be more realisic about my approach. I understand I am not going to do it perfectly at first and that is okay! *ANY* change is good. So, for now, I am going to just learn to COOK and then I will learn to do it right. The super fun thing is that the entire family is doing it with me! We’ll see how it goes…

So…this is a lot of what I have to get started. I’ve been buying a little here and there and then finally “bit the bullet” and ordered quite a bit from (which I found out from another thru a blog post).

I did order Oat Bran instead of Oat Fiber so I have Oat Fiber on the way now (should arrive today). I am planning on making my own THM Baking Blend just because it will be less expensive – hopefully some of the “recipes” online will work nicely (seems there are several LOL).


Wonder Wrap (p. 204 new cookbook)


Apple Cinnamon Crockpot Oatmeal (p. 256)


Mashed Fotatoes (p. 219)


Overall we all enjoyed what I made. I finally got to use the food processor my MIL bought me! YAY! And while on this subject…I finally used the dehydrator she bought me as well! Homemade banana chips. They were awesome! (and didn’t last!)


Today is Saturday and we are super excited to be heading to Medieval Times in a couple hours (we’ve had reservations for about a month so we’ve been waiting!). It is a dinner theater that has jousting, sword fighting and much more. I am confident the guys are going to love it! (And honestly, I think I will too!)

Overall it hasn’t been a busy week but it has been an enjoyable week. Next Tuesday daddy returns to work and things will get back on track. Honestly, this is part of why we homeschool – so we can “enjoy the journey”!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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