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Hi! My name is Dawn and I am a born again Christian. My belief in the Lord Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life! After that would be my wonderful loving husband. We married in July 2006. This was my second marriage…I got divorced prior to being saved.

From my first marriage I have a wonderful son. My current husband and I also have a son. There is a twelve year difference in ages between the two. My husband treats both of our boys the same and loves them both as if they were his own – the Lord knew that was the only way I would marry again!

We live just outside of a town of 5,400 people on a little less than an acre. Our house is about 800 sq feet…so…it is quite SMALL. It always reminds me of that country song about the blessing of a small house because you are always together. Click HERE to hear it. We love our house and our large yard…yet another perfect blessing from the Lord!

We started homeschooling in 2009 so we’re still very new at it…but we are GREATLY enjoying the freedom it allows. Freedom in SO MANY areas…but mostly the freedom to “cater” around our childrens learning styles, and keeping the Scriptures before them each day.

We have two Havanese, rabbits (mini rex and holland lop), cats and guinea pigs that keep us company on our little plot of land.





This site was made so I could post reviews but has become much more to me since it first started. I started blogging in June 2010 and I’ve found blogging to be a lot of fun and “right up my alley”. Anyway…this is our journey…

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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