Quick Thoughts: Movies & Books

Last updated January 1, 2016

This is where I am going to post “Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down” for movies and books I am not asked to review but want to share quickly my opinion. The majority of movies we watch are PG or below. I have a VERY conservative opinion, especially when it comes to clothing on girls / women (I have men / boys in my house and they have shared this matters to them, therefore it matters to me). Personally, I wish there were more places to easily find lists family-friendly books and movies…so…here is mine. 🙂 I personally LOVE to watch movies!

Books can be anything from Preschool to Adult (I will note in parenthesis the area of whom read it in our home).

I pray my “Quick Thoughts” help you and your family find God honoring things to read and watch.

I have watched a lot of movies and read a lot of books so visit often…it is going to take me a little while to get these lists updated.

PLEASE NOTE: I have NOT read the information on the pages linked…only linking to provide a picture / idea of the movie or book (as there can be many with the same name at times).


A Fine Step (PG): Thumbs up

A Knight’s Tale (PG-13): Thumbs up!

Alaska (PG): Thumbs up!

A Leap of Faith (Not Rated): Thumbs up!

All Roads Lead Home (PG): Thumbs up!

Amazing Grace (PG): Thumbs up! Family favorite!

The Amazing Panda Adventure (PG): Thumbs up!

An Unfinished Life: Thumbs up

Ant Man: Thumbs up

Are We Done Yet? (PG): Thumbs up! (Some inappropriate clothing.)

Are We There Yet? (PG): Thumbs up! (Some inappropriate clothing and jestures.)

Arthur & the Invisibles (PG): Thumbs up!

Avengers (PG-13): Thumbs up

Because of Winn Dixie (PG): Thumbs up!

Bee Movie (PG): Thumbs up!

Big Miracle (PG): Thumbs up! (but slow in spots)

Birdie & Bogey (PG): Thumbs up!

The Blind Side (PG-13): Thumbs up!

Born to be Wild (PG): Thumbs up!

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (PG-13): Thumbs up. It was a rather slow moving movie, except for the last 10 or so minutes.

Brave (PG): Thumbs down. (Scary bear scenes and too much sorcery.)

Brother White: Thumbs up. (Some of the clothing is less than what we’d prefer but nothing bad.)

Bruce Almighty (PG-13): Thumbs down.

By Dawn’s Early Light: Thumbs up. Although the acting is a little cheesy.

Camp Harlow (NR): It was an ok movie; a bit cheesy

Captain America: The First Avenger (PG-13): Thumbs up

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Thumbs up

Cars & Cars 2: Thumbs up!

Catch That Kid (PG): Thumbs up!

Catching Faith: Thumbs up

Cats & Dogs (1 & 2) (PG): Thumbs up!

Cinderella Man (PG-13): Thumbs up!

City of Ember (PG): Thumbs up!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1 & 2 (PG): Thumbs up!

The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler (Not Rated): Thumbs up but definitely not one for the younger kids to watch.

Cowgirls n’ Angels 1 & 2 (PG): Thumbs up (1 was much better than 2)

Coyote Ugly (PG-13): Thumbs down.

The Croods (PG): Thumbs up (although the girl main character could have a bit more clothes on and her attitude could be better – it is still a VERY cute movie)

Despicable Me (PG) and Despicable Me 2: Thumbs Up

Dolphin Tale (PG): Thumbs up!

Dragonheart (PG-13): Thumbs up!

Dreamer (PG): Thumbs up! Family favorite!

The Encounter (NR): The guys gave it a thumbs up. I went to sleep during it.

End of the Spear (PG-13): Thumbs up!

Epic (PG): Thumbs up!

Eragon (PG-13): Thumbs up! Family favorite!

Evan Almighty (PG): Thumbs up!

Facing the Giants (PG): Thumbs up! Family favorite!

Faith Like Potatoes: Thumbs Up!

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (PG): Thumbs up

Fielder’s Choice (NR): Thumbs up!

Finding Normal (NR): Thumbs up

Fireproof (PG): Thumbs up! (Has to do with pornography so may not be appropriate for younger children.)

Forces of Nature (PG-13): Thumbs down.

Forever Strong (PG-13): Thumbs up! (Did skip a little bit in the beginning.)

Frozen (PG): Thumbs up

Furry Vengeance (PG): Thumbs up!

G.I. Joe: Retailiation (PG-13): Thumbs up! (a couple clothing spots)

Gifted Hands (NR): Thumbs up!

Glory Road (PG): Thumbs up

Gnomeo & Juliet: Thumbs up

God’s Not Dead (PG): Thumbs up

The Greatest Game Ever Played (PG): Thumbs up!

Hardflip (PG-13): Thumbs up. (Keep in mind this is PG-13. Additionally there are some “dark” moments in this movie related to drug usage.)

The Help (PG-13): Thumbs up! (Be aware that there are some bad words and some harsh moments.)

Hero Factory: Thumbs up!

Hildago (PG-13): Thumbs up!

Holes (PG): Thumbs up!

Hotel Transylvania: Thumbs up.

Hugo: Thumbs up!

The Hulk (PG-13): Thumbs up

Ice Age: LOVE them all!

IndoctriNation (Documentary): Thumbs up!

Journey to the Center of the Earth: Thumbs up.

Journey 2: Thumbs up (although the main girl character could have worn a little better / less revealing clothes)

Justin and the Knights of Valor (PG): Thumbs down

Kangaroo Jack (PG): Thumbs up! (Although there are a couple “inappropriate” parts and some too low shirts but the majority is good.)

Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2: Thumbs up.

Last Holiday (PG-13): Thumbs up! (There is one part that needs fast forwarded through and a couple of times where people say inappropriate things but overall it is a very good movie.)

Legend of the Guardians (PG): Thumbs up!

The Lego Movie (PG): Everything is awesome!

Letters to God (PG): Thumbs up!

Madagascar (PG): Thumbs up!

Madagascar 2 (PG): Thumbs up!

The Magic of Belle Isle (PG): Thumbs up! (there is some inappropriate clothing and words)

Mall Cop (PG): Thumbs up!

Me Again (Not Rated): Thumbs up!

Megamind (PG): Thumbs up!

Meet Dave (PG): Thumbs up!

Mirror/Mirror (PG): Thumbs up.

Mom’s Night Out: Thumbs up

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (PG): Thumbs down.

Miles From Nowhere (NR): Thumbs up. (Except for some “very heavy petting” in the beginning of the movie. There are a few scenes where very young eyes need to be hidden from blood.)

The Miracle of the Cards: Thumbs up!

Muppets from Space (G): Thumbs down. (I have a very literal lil man and he did NOT like the fish in outer space nor where the muppet gets struck by lightening.)

Muppets Most Wanted (PG): Thumbs up

Nanny McPhee (PG): Thumbs up!

Nanny McPhee II (PG): Thumbs down. (Too much magic in our opinion.)

National Treasure 1 & 2 (PG): Thumbs up!

Never Been Kissed (PG-13): Thumbs up!

One Hit From Home: Thumbs up!

One Night with the King (PG): Thumbs down. (My husband actually broke up the DVD and threw it in the trash.)

Ordinary Miracles (Not Rated): Thumbs up!

The Pacifier (PG): Thumbs up!

Pay It Forward (PG-13): Thumbs up!

The Perfect Game (PG): Thumbs up! (The guys watched and liked this, I didn’t make it thru it.)

Planes: Thumbs up.

Planet 51 (PG): Thumbs up!

Pride (PG): Thumbs up!

Racing Stripes (PG): Thumbs up!

Rebound (PG): Thumbs up!

Remember the Titans (PG): Thumbs up!

Revelation Road 1 & 2: Thumbs up (but it is NOT for younger viewers!)

Rio & Rio 2: Thumbs up

Rise of the Guardians: Thumbs up.

The Road to Eldorado (PG): Thumbs down.

RV (PG): Thumbs up!

Save the Last Dance (PG-13): Thumbs down.

Saving Winston (PG): Thumbs down. It was an ok theme but the acting and taping was pretty poor.

Seabiscuit (PG-13): Thumbs up!

Secret at Arrow Lake (PG): Thumbs up.

See Spot Run (PG): Thumbs up!

The Shaggy Dog (PG): Thumbs up!

Sid The Science Kid (G): Thumbs up!

Sky High (PG): Thumbs up!

Smurfs 1 & 2 (PG): Thumbs up!

Snow Dogs (PG): Thumbs up!

Something to Sing About (NR): Thumbs up – but definitely not a movie for younger kids.

Soul Surfer (PG): Good movie but totally full of bikinis so not recommended for guys.

Spiderwick Chronicles (PG): Thumbs up

The Spy Next Door (PG): Thumbs up!

Standing Firm: Thumbs up!

Sweet Home Alabama (PG-13): Thumbs up!

The Tale of Despereaux (G): Thumbs up!

Tangled (PG): Thumbs up!

Thicker Than Water (NR): Thumbs up!

Thor (PG-13): Thumbs up

Thor: The Dark World (PG-13): Thumbs up

Turbo: Thumbs up!

The Ultimate Gift (PG): Thumbs up! (There are a couple inappropriate scenes between man / woman and of clothing that could have been better [short skirt] but nothing too bad.)

The Ultimate Life (PG): Thumbs up

Unconditional (PG-13): Thumbs up!

Up (PG): Thumbs up!

The Victor Marx Story: Thumbs up (but not appropriate for youngers)

Virginia’s Run (PG): Thumbs up!

The Wager (Not Rated): Thumbs up!

War Horse (PG-13): Thumbs up!

War Room: Thumbs up (must see!)

We Are Marshall (PG): Thumbs up!

What If… (PG): Thumbs up!

We Bought a Zoo (PG): Thumbs up!

Your Love Never Fails (G): Thumbs up

Zookeeper (PG): Thumbs up (although there are a few inappropriate jesters.)

Click to check out my company requested (more detailed) movie reviews.
TV Shows:

Agents of SHIELD: Thumbs up (but not for the youngers)

Arrow: Thumbs down

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Flash: Thumbs up (but not for the youngers)

Kickin’ It: Thumbs up

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Lab Rats: Thumbs Up

Shawn the Sheep: Thumbs up

Sue Thomas F.B. Eye: Thumbs up!

Supah Ninjas: Thumbs up.

Walker Texas Ranger: Thumbs up! (but a lot of violence)

Wild Kratts


Emotional Phases of a Woman’s Life by Jean Lush (Non-Fiction; Teen girls and up: Thumbs up!

Karen Kingsbury’s Redemption / Baxter Series: Thumbs up!

Let Prayer Change Your Life by Becky Tirabassi (Non-Fiction): Thumbs up!

Michael Vey by Richard Paul Evans (Fiction, Teen & Adult): Thumbs Up!

Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka (Non-Fiction, Adult): Thumbs up! Amazing book!

Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law (Fiction, Teen & Adult): Thumbs Up!

Unglued by Lisa TerKeurst: Thumbs up!

Click to check out my company requested (more detailed) book reviews – this is where you will find the majority of my thoughts on books.

I *LOVE* to read your comments! Please share your thoughts!

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