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Talking Fingers Inc. ReviewWe had the opportunity to review Read, Write & Type from Talking Fingers Inc. and let me tell you – P, our son that used this program, VERY RARELY *REALLY* enjoys any kind of schoolwork regardless of if it is a game on the computer or something he has to manually write. But this, THIS, he LOVED. He actually did not want to stop working through it and he even asked if he could use it. This multi-sensory and motor approach stimulates learning and helps children who have different learning styles.


So, let me explain the program a little. Talking Fingers has three different programs for three different grades: Talking Shapes (iPad app for PreK – K), Read, Write & Type (for K-2; which we are reviewing here) and Wordy Qwerty (Grades 2 – 4).

Dr. Jeannine Herron and her colleagues didn’t set out to make Talking Fingers Inc. but found out that there wasn’t a good program available that would teach children a phonic sound associated with a keystroke. And they wanted children to learn the fun that technology can bring to learning. They really have some amazing thoughts about how this program helps children learn. You should read it all HERE.

Once you login and go through the beginning “story” (which you can quickly pass through by hitting the space key) you are taken to this screen. This is the “Home Screen” where they go to each of the different areas of action.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

One of the first places they go is the auditorium where they confirm if the word starts with the proper letter or not. I really love how EVERY.THING is covered in this program! For instance, if they aren’t sure what the picture is, they simply click on it and the program tells them what the word is.


There are very short stories that they listen to and answer questions about that also show the story in action on the right – just another way they “cover all the bases” in this program. My son really loved these stories!


There is “the playground” area where they type what they’ve learned over and over also using the space bar. As they type, the “letter character” (each letter has its own character) moves across the playground. Once it reaches Vexor (the “bad guy” who stole all the letters) they have completed that area.


This is another area they go and they “compete” against Vexor to see who will win. In this particular picture the student is to pick what the appropriate letter is depending on where the picture is located. So if the picture is on the left, they are to pick the first letter of the word. If in the middle, they pick the middle letter and if on the right, they pick the ending letter. I really loved this one! What a fun way for them to learn this part of spelling! (And again, if they don’t know they word of the picture, they just click on it and it tells them what it is.)


In the below screen shot, they type the actual word of the picture.


As they progress through the program – they begin to WRITE the story they see and are told. Nice progression!


They even have an area that covers writing and sending emails! P REALLY enjoyed this! Here is one of the emails he wrote. They learn to put a title / subject, “bad boy” and then write the email and send it.


Another screen shot showing the progression of the program … now working on four letter words with a space between.


Another thing they do within the program: read the sentence and select the correct picture and look at the picture and select the correct sentence.

TF11 TF12

As they complete each area, they get to print off certificates. My son really loved having certificates to print off and show off!

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

Many times I was able to walk away and work on other things (normally the dishes) while he was working on this program. That doesn’t seem to happen very often either and I really appreciated this about the program. Not only does he GREATLY enjoy it but he can do it without my help!

Honestly, I am very rarely impressed with online programs but this one – THIS ONE – was impressive! Not only does my son LOVE working through it but it is a program that seems to have covered ALL the bases necessary. This is a program I HIGHLY SUGGEST!

And now that I’ve looked at the cost – WOW! – affordable! Now I **REALLY** suggest it! *grin* $35 for one online user (and the price has a discount for each additional user).

As a side note: Read, Write & Type is fine for kids in Australia, Canada and the UK, too, but the pronunciations of phonemes are different in those countries than they are in the U.S.

Other ways to stay in touch with Talking Fingers Inc.:

Twitter  @readwritetype

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!


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