Heirloom Audio: Dragon & Raven Unit Study Curriculum {Review}

We recently reviewed Heirloom Audio‘s newest audio drama The Dragon and The Raven and LOVED it! So when Heirloom Audio asked if anyone was interested in reviewing their BRAND NEW unit study curriculum that corresponds with this audio drama – I couldn’t say “YES!” fast enough!


I was excited when it arrived in the mail and I could get my hands on it and see exactly what it was with my own eyes. And … as typical for Heirloom Audio … they didn’t let me down! This study guide (as I’ll call it) is 8-1/2 x 11 and 117 pages. The pages are made of something slick and durable (I have no idea about paper so I’m not exactly sure what it is). It is full-color and VERY NICE. It is spiral bound which works WONDERFULLY as you are going through the different things with your kids. (As an added bonus, they sent us a “Live the Adventure Homeschool Adventure Family Planner” which is 79 pages of space for homeschool scheduling, meal planning, lists, book lists, and more.)

As a mom of boys, this is right up our alley! (I know girls like the audio production – based off reviews – so I’m sure they would like this too. But I’ll be posting as a mom of boys, which is what I am.) It covers so much it is amazing! Basically it covers all areas of the audio production in further detail – which is all about Medieval Times. So, if you are looking for something to supplement your Medieval Times learning – this would be it! (And, honestly, it might be enough to be an entire curriculum for this time period, depending on how much of the booklet you do.)

So, it covers:

Feudalism, Vikings, Writing, Weapons, Music, Storytelling, Latin, Poetry, Court Systems, Games, Ships, Mercy, Art, Math, and more!

Whew! It is a lot, but it doesn’t FEEL like a lot (and that is a good thing, in my opinion).

Each “section” has a little bit of an intro to what it is discussing. It then has different activities you can do. Some are looking up vocabulary, some are games, some are writing, some are researching … again, all areas of learning are covered! It also has activities for older or gifted students! Each section is about four pages.

So, one of the areas we really enjoyed was learning about feudalism.


For this one we decided to use our iPads to look up vocabulary online. It was a nice opportunity to use it for an educational purpose.


They had a “Feudalism Candy Simulation Game” that we kind of turned in to a general learning opportunity that allowed us to touch and visualize what feudalism meant. Who does the most work? Who, in the end, gets the most money? And things like that. It was a lot of fun and a nice visual for learning. We love fun ways to learn! In this, the peasants had 10 coins and had to pass 8 of them up to the Knights. The Knights had to pass 6 up to the Nobles and the Nobles had to pass 4 up to the King. (Although a smaller representation of reality it helped to really solidify what we were discussing.)


Some questions they wanted us to answer:

Did “Learn the Adventure” meet your expectations? I would say, “YES! but … it not only met, but EXCEEDED my expectations!”

Would “Learn the Adventure” be a helpful addition to your teaching? I would say, “YES! Oh my gosh YES! There is NO DOUBT this is a teaching help!!” If so, how? It helps guide through many different subjects within the Medieval Times. It helps focus attention on important things, events and people. It offers suggestions of additional ways to learn as well as websites and other resources for additional learning.

For future editions of “Learn the Adventure”, would you add or subtract anything? I would say, “I definitely would not subtract anything. I would like to see more specific references within the guide that pertain to the audio drama as well as a little more specific instructions with the games. But overall, 99% of it I wouldn’t change a bit!”

Now, one thing I do not know is how much this will cost … so, I cannot share anything about that.

Thank you for this wonderful addition to your already amazing audio dramas Heirloom Audio, really, THANK YOU!

Here’s praying you enjoy the journey of learning!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this in exchange for my honest review. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


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