Five Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents: {High School} Helpful Links, Day 5 #tipsforhomeschoolparents

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool ParentsI am joining up with about 50 other bloggers from the Schoolhouse Review Crew to bring some helpful tips for homeschool parents. I am going to be sharing a ton of helpful links with you over the next several posts.

Unfortunately a lot of people decide not to homeschool high school. This is very unfortunate, in my opinion. Why would you put your kids in public school at the height of their life changes (physically and emotionally) especially if you have homeschooled them for any length of time. That just seems so very wrong to me. But, that is just my thoughts. So, with that, I will share some hopefully helpful high school homeschooling links.

Some main areas to think about are:

  • Curriculum
  • Grade Tracking & Transcript
  • SAT / ACT Testing
  • Dual Credit
  • College Entrance

It would be good and helpful for you and your student to sit down before they start their ninth grade year and discuss what they might want to do after they graduate high school. This will help you get a plan of action for classes together. Also make sure to check your state laws regarding graduation requirements.

HSLDA has a lot of helpful information here.

Lee Binz with The Home Scholar will provide you with a wealth of helpful information!

What we chose to do with regards to curriculum was to go with BJU Press Distance Learning Online. This was a program that covered everything necessary while making sure to cover the classes I no longer felt qualified or able to teach. This is not something you have to do, this is something we chose to do.

Grade Tracking & Transcript

I have kept our grades in an excel file by grade. This works really well for me. Otherwise I did share in my post yesterday a couple of different online tracking options. I *think* they even offer a transcript area, but I can’t guarantee that.

I made my son’s transcript using Microsoft Word.

SAT and/or ACT Testing

Doing these will be helpful for scholarships should you be going this route. Our family personally decided to skip taking either of these tests because a lot of local community colleges (where our son will be starting college) require their own entrance exams anyway. So why put forth the time, cost and the effort for these tests?

A lot of homeschoolers DO choose to do them. You can find a local area offering the preparation and taking of the tests. You might even be able to find them at your local community college.

Although we didn’t choose to do either of these tests, we did do the CAP Test that is available through Christian Liberty Press for $25. We chose to do the online option and the test results were almost immediately sent to my email. This will tell you where your student falls grade-wise within each subject. You can take it yearly – or whenever you want.

Dual Credit

This is also something we didn’t do – mainly because we didn’t have the money. HOWEVER, with that said, a lot of colleges offer a significant discount for the classes taken as dual credit. This is definitely something I would suggest checking in to if your student intends on going to college.


This is government assistance for college. It is filled out online near the beginning of the year. You will want to fill it out after you do your taxes but as quickly as possible as the funds are available as first come, first served. Honestly I was surprised at how easy the process was! Here is their website: FAFSA.

College Entrance

As I’ve mentioned, we are going to be pursuing the local community college option to start. So that is the extent of my knowledge but from what I understand large colleges are very happy to accept homeschoolers. Our basic plan is to finish high school and then have him take the entrance exams and then take classes. Pretty simple.

College Plus is an online college a lot of homeschoolers choose to use as well.

Each day I will share ten other bloggers joining in on this series (each day will be 10 DIFFERENT bloggers) with a link to their blog. This will make it super easy for you to go visit and see what they are sharing (each blogger is sharing different tips!)…just click the links here:

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break
Latonya @ Joy in the Ordinary
Laura @ Day by Day in Our World
Leah @ As We Walk Along the Road
Lisa @ Farm Fresh Adventures
Lori @ At Home: where life happens
Meg @ Adventures with Jude
Megan @ My Full Heart
Melanie (Wren) @ finchnwren
Melissa @ Mom’s Plans

Enjoy the journey!


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One thought on “Five Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents: {High School} Helpful Links, Day 5 #tipsforhomeschoolparents

  1. Megan Russell April 1, 2016 at 8:21 am Reply

    This series has been very helpful for me. My oldest daughter is going into 8th grade, so we are trying to navigate this world of transcripts, credits, and college prep. Thanks for these helpful tips and encouragement.


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