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Have a lego fanatic in your home?? Need a Bible for your “just learning how to read” child? The Faith Builders Bible (NIrV version) by Zonderkidz would be an excellent option! We were provided one to enjoy for the purpose of this review and we are having a lot of fun! The verbiage of the NIrV uses shorter words that are easier to read, pronounce and understand – which is why this is the perfect Bible for a beginner reader. But it also offers 24 full-color illustrations that involve legos! Adding fun to the Bible for kids!

As you can tell, our son was excited to see this arrive!

This Bible is a normal regular Bible but with brick building illustrations that help a kinesthetic learner to put the words in to action.

This is a wonderful tool for explaining things found in the Bible to further extent. While the kids are building the parents (or possibly a Sunday School teacher?) could be reading Bible verses that have to do with what is being built. As the kid/s are building they may find they have additional questions based off the “difficulty” of putting the words in to a physical form.

Here are a few examples of some of the things the Bible suggests:

Here is a giraffe our youngest made based off Noah’s Ark and animals 2×2.


Our youngest made a cross from the “Can You Build…” section in the front of the Bible. (This is his “do I really have to pose for this picture face” LOL)


And our oldest enjoyed making these two:

A garden based off Psalm 23.


And…an army based off “Bringing Down Jericho”.


Our cat even decided to get in on the action! *grin*


We found it interesting to try and build the illustrations. There are no directions of how to do them, just pictures with a little blurb about the picture and a “Building Block Verse” [a verse that goes with what they are to try and build]. It is a little frustrating to have to figure them out on your own BUT it also leaves room for using your own imagination, and we did enjoy that part!

I cannot think of a reason you would not benefit from this if it is something that would fit your child’s needs. We enjoyed it!

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!


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