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Does your family like history? Do they like audio productions? If so, The Dragon and The Raven available from Heirloom Audio Productions will be of GREAT interest to you and your family! Our family had the opportunity to review this and we LOVED it! (It is recommended for ages 6 and up.) This audio drama is about 2-1/2 hours in length on two CDs.

G.A. Henty stories would be considered historical fiction which is good for our family because although I am becoming more interested in history as I get older, I am still not one to really watch a documentary or a “boring history show.” So these are a wonderful way to teach history to our boys (and me!) while still enjoying the process.

For us, because of where we live, trips to the grocery store are 20 minutes one way and dad has basketball games that are normally about 30 minutes one way – so we can often spend quite a bit of time in the vehicle. Needless to say, we like having something enjoyable to listen to on our trips. (Something besides our youngest who NEVER.STOPS.TALKING. *grin*)

The three of us (me, 19 year old son and 8 year old son) couldn’t wait to get back in the vehicle to listen to The Dragon and The Raven once we started it. As a matter of fact, we listened to it TWICE, one right after the other … we liked it THAT much! My husband even enjoyed listening to it on his trips to and from work!

If you are looking for a story of war and courage and friendship and romance (yes, even a little romance), this is something for you! With many familiar voices like John Rhys-Davies, Lord of the Rings, as Siegbert.

There is also a 49-page pdf study guide provided. There are three sections for each chapter of the story.

  • Listening Well
  • Thinking Further
  • Defining Words

These parts are meant to cause your children to REALLY listen to what they are hearing – and to listen to UNDERSTAND, not just to be entertained. (In all honesty, they made ME listen better too!) The listenting well parts are meant for younger listeners. They are short questions meant to have shorter answers. The thinking further parts are more of essay questions with essay question responses wanted. The defining words are words meant to enhance learning – but definitions are not provided – it is assumed that a dictionary will be needed / used.

There are also Bible studies provided at the very end meant to encourage understanding of how many thoughts from the Bible are also brought out in the audio drama.

The study guide is definitely a nice addition to the audio drama!

As a side note: if you get the “Family Four-Pack Package”, you get a lot of free “extra” things. In those is an almost hour long “Behind the Scenes” documentary FREE. As I stated above, I am NOT a documentary kind of person, but this is not your normal-everyday-boring documentary. This thing is AWESOME! I learned SO MUCH about the history behind The Dragon and The Raven as well as about how the audio drama was made. Below is one of the “behind the scenes” parts they showed as the production was being made. Honestly, I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed this and I would recommend trying to get a few friends together to get the four-pack because we loved the audio drama and I loved this behind the scenes documentary!


I really cannot say enough good things about this item. Our entire family is very thankful we were chosen to review it!

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!


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One thought on “Schoolhouse Review ~ Heirloom Audio Productions #hsreviews

  1. Carter Chaos March 3, 2016 at 11:28 am Reply

    Our drive to “town” is about that same distance. We go through lots of audiobooks to pass the time! (And lessen the chatter!)


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