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We had the opportunity to review which is an online based homeschool curriculum site BUT it isn’t JUST curriculum … there are also tons of resources for mom / parents! The site covers ALL AGES from preschool / toddlers through high school…something you don’t find very often!

** Please note this post DOES contain affiliate links. This means that if you sign up with I will get a small percentage. These monies go to help with the time and work I put in to this blog and my reviews.  **

The Yearly Membership, which is what I am reviewing here, covers ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on the site! The cost is $139 per year or $12.95/month (first month only $1!). BUTTTT, good for those reading my review, you can get HALF OFF through January 31, 2016 by entering the code CREWFOLLOWER. AWESOME!

That makes it only $69.50 for an entire year!

This review is going to be difficult to write simply because there is SO MUCH on this site…so I will do a couple things – I will give a general overview of the site and then I will give a more detailed review of three specific classes we used the most.

We will start with a general overview:

SchoolhouseTeachers offers almost 200 classes for preschool through high school. At the time of this post there are (new classes are added regularly!):

  • 31 preschool / kindergarten classes
  • 71 Elementary Classes
  • 94 Middle School Classes
  • 88 High School Classes

Now keep in mind that several of these classes overlap meaning they could be used for more than one level. For instance, guitar is good for Elementary, Middle and High School. As you are looking at different classes an easy way to know which they qualify for is in the upper right corner (as shown below).


The elementary, middle and high school sections offer several different options within the following subject areas (I’ve listed just a couple specific examples next to each, you can click the link for a complete list of classes):

As you can see, the list is extensive. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone … even mom! For instance…PLANNERS! Yes, ALL THE OLD SCHOOLHOUSE PLANNERS ARE INCLUDED IN THE SUBSCRIPTION!!!! The planners are:

  1. The Schoolhouse Planner
  2. Special Learner Schoolhouse Planner
  3. Primary Schoolhouse Planner
  4. Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner
  5. High School Schoolhouse Planner
  6. Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner

… again, something for EVERYONE!

There are also ‘Focused Learning Centers’ that offer Homeschool Parent Support covering things like: ELS & Foreign Language, High School and College Help, Math, Reading, Science and Special Needs. These areas have some additional resources available for these specific areas of need. VERY HELPFUL! (I really appreciated the High School and College Help area!)

A seriously fun thing they offer is access to a ‘video streaming / media library’ via Rightnow Media. This area has a TON of Christian related videos. There is a HUGE section of kids movies, Bible and book video studies as well as some conference videos. This is a wonderful resource for the family!

Ok…so the first thing you should do to check this out more is go to then under “Start Here” click on “New Members Hub.” Near the top you will see a link that says, “Be sure to check out our site tutorials!” click on that and watch each of the videos … there is some really important and helpful information there.

Now for more specific information:

Once you become a member, login then choose “Quick Links” under “Courses”. From there you have two choices for each course, you can go straight to the lessons or you can find out more – you just click the appropriate link. For our family, once we have chosen a course to work through, we go to “Lessons” we then save that as a favorite in our browser so all we have to do is login then click the link from our browser and we are taken directly to the lesson plans. Easy as that!

Our family would like to share three different classes with you:

We will start with the computer science / programming course my high schooler is working through. This course offers 45 one-week lessons and is recommended for middle and high school ages. Originally this wasn’t the class my son was going to work through but once he found it and got started, there was no stopping him! He was hooked from the beginning!

These are thoughts directly from my son:

It is teaching us how to code a website. You don’t actually create a new website, (well you could but it would cost you money) but it can show you the way it would look if it were a website. And it teaches you how to work with other coding programs like Greenfoot, JavaScript, and Eclipse, but the coding you do for the website is all done on the computer without having to download any special software. And they don’t do just this coding they allow you to have fun! They teach you how to make Minecraft Mods using code and a couple other cool things.

I LOVE the course! I am enjoying the entire thing! I personally think with this course nothing could be done differently! It is very easy to understand and they explain everything they teach and sometimes will even add extra links if you want to learn more about that subject.

It is mostly PDF based, they have a few videos in the beginning to help you find and use the things you will be using to program the website. But after that there are no more videos.
I would definitely recommend this course! I think the age/grade they have set is a good one. They say it is a course for middle to high school students, but if an adult wants to learn some coding I think it would be good for them too!

Here are a couple screen shots of the work my son has been doing … the first one is the coding he has been creating. The second one is what others see when they look at the page. Pretty cool!


The coding above tells the page to look like this:


As the mother, all I can say is that I have been very excited to see how much my son is loving this course! He wants to work on it – without being asked – THAT is what it is all about!


Next we’ll discuss the elementary Spanish course my 2nd Grader is working through. This course is recommended for elementary grade levels and offers 34-weeks of instruction.


This course is mostly video based with each video lesson being about seven minutes in length. [The videos cannot be made full screen but that hasn’t been an issue for us so far.] Each lesson has a one or two page pdf file that is to be used during the lesson. The page that corresponds to the video could be used on the computer (we print it out) but the weekly homework lessons (normally one page) are meant to be printed and written on.


P is really enjoying this course but I will caution you that it moves VERY quickly. The teacher speaks fast and covers a lot in each lesson. However, with that said, each week alternates so one week there is a video and the next week there is a homework pdf to work on then the next week is a video and the following is a homework sheet. So there are actually 17 weeks of instruction and 17 weeks of follow up.

Some of the lesson pages need additional investigation if you want to really understand them – like this page where we did an online search to see what each word meant.


But then some of the lessons have the information already provided. Both ways are nice as it adds a little variety to the course. Overall we are really enjoying this course and we are learning some of the basic and most needed parts of speaking a foreign language.

Overall we are really enjoying this course!


Finally we’ll discuss the photography course that I am working through. This course is recommended for elementary, middle and / or high school and offers thirty weeks of instruction. I really enjoy the way the class is laid out and how easy the teacher makes it to understand these difficult (at least for me) concepts. It has made it to where my oldest son and I can at least somewhat “talk camera” and I have some idea what he is talking about. YAY!

Each lesson is ON AVERAGE about four pages in length. You open the pdf document and read the lesson. (For this class I did NOT print the lessons but saved them to my computer.) The way I worked through this class was a bit different than others I have done simply because I wanted KNOWLEDGE first (so I could have better conversations with my photographer son). There were many days where I read several lessons in one setting. (The length of time this would take would simply depend on how fast someone read the pdf file and how many lessons they chose to do.)

Now that I have read through many of the lessons, I am going back through and actually DOING the lessons. Most have homework of getting to know your camera and taking actual pictures using whatever feature it is you learned about that week. Another fun thing this class offers is a “Student Photo Gallery” where you can see pictures other students have taken as they’ve progressed through the class (anyone who takes the class can enter their pictures!).

I am really enjoying this course and would highly recommend it for those wanting to understand how to take photographs with their camera OFF auto-focus.

In closing:

Keep in mind that this site is primarily made to be used as a supplement to your other homeschool curriculum but depending upon your homeschool style you may be able to use it as your complete curriculum – just depends on how you do things!

As a quick “last note” … immediate online customer support is available via online chat when you see the “We’re Online” box in the lower right of your screen. I wanted to see what their response time was – much to my excitement their response time was VERY quick!  Extremely beneficial to have available at our fingertips!

And as a reminder: for those reading my review, you can get HALF OFF through January 31, 2016 by entering the code CREWFOLLOWER. That makes it only $69.50 for an entire year!

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Now hop over and read more reviews from the Schoolhouse Review Crew! (Keep in mind that reviews will be posted any time between 1/5 and 1/7 so make sure to come back and see them all!)

Here’s praying you have fun learning!


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