My Body *IS* the Doctor


Hi everyone! I’ve been discussing going gluten-free for what seems like FOREVER. I am sure many of my Facebook friends wish I would just MOVE ON with it already. *grin* But man, what a HUGE change! I did go wheat and sugar free for 30 or so days some time ago and as I look back on that now, I am reminded of how much better my body felt. (Which I actually didn’t notice until I started eating that stuff again.) I noticed after I started eating it again that I started aching all the time again and I started taking acetaminophen every night before bed again (because my body was aching so much).

Well today I decided that tomorrow would be the day! Tomorrow I will go gluten-free, sugar free, soda free. With the Lord’s help all things are possible, right? I guess we’ll see. *grin* There will be A LOT of praying I’m sure.

As I was driving home from the grocery store thinking about this adventure I’ll be starting. Thinking about how I spent $40 more on groceries than normal, wondering how long they will last – will they last the week, less than a week, more than a week? Only time will tell. I only bought two items that were made gluten-free: a small bag of bread and some tortillas. Everything else will be real foods. I don’t want to substitute, I want to change.

I’m also thinking about just life in general ~ about how I have been trying to kill myself slowly since I can remember…smoking, drugs, alcohol…sugar, soda, coffee…not enough sleep nor healthy foods, etc. I really do not know how to LIKE myself. But I am learning step by step as the Lord grows me. My goal for quite some time has been to make changes BEFORE a doctor tells me I HAVE to make changes. However, that is difficult to do – to care about myself enough to do that (and finances are always a consideration). So I was thinking while driving – MY BODY *IS* MY DOCTOR! – and it is definitely screaming that I NEED to make some changes. So, with that, I am going to try to start this journey of eating completely differently.

So, what did I get from the store that was different? I got extra oranges and apples. I got “grape tomatos” as someone suggested having “finger foods” available – GREAT idea! I got zucchini. I got extra brown rice and potatoes. I even bought some pinto beans (I’ve avoided most beans since having acid reflux that started YEARS ago.) More importantly is what I did NOT get (with me in mind) biscuits, cereal, regular tortillas, donuts, bread, bagels, pizza…all the good stuff – yea – that would be it. But I was also thinking about what “good” means. All those things TASTE good but they are NOT GOOD for a healthy body. So…I hope to keep in mind that my taste buds and body will adjust to the change and eventually these new things will TASTE good (actually, even better) than the other things.

Of course I really am hoping to lose some of the weight I’ve gained from hypothyroidism. (This is another area where I would have GREATLY benefited from paying attention to what my body was telling me! Had I had blood work done earlier I’m sure we would have caught it earlier therefore having less weight gain.) But I digress. *grin* Back to my point, I do hope I lose weight but that isn’t my overall goal. My overall goal is to eat and feel healthier.

And…with that…I am also trying to make sure the boys and I walk to the park DAILY, regardless of if *I* think the weather is “perfect” or not…I have a tendency to not want to go outside unless it is 75 and perfect (sunny, not a lot of wind, no wetness…you get the picture). *grin* Well, that happens about once a year in the Midwest.

So…here’s to my new adventure. Here is to taking care of “the temple” the Lord has give me to live in while here on earth. Should be interesting!

Enjoy the journey!


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2 thoughts on “My Body *IS* the Doctor

  1. Martha December 20, 2015 at 3:34 pm Reply

    Great post! Praying for you on the new adventure.


    • Dawn @ Guiding Light December 20, 2015 at 6:36 pm Reply

      Thank you friend!


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