*THIS* is what it is ALL about !!

Today was THE PERFECT example of what homeschooling should look like in my eyes !! P, our second grader, was working on handwriting and his assignment was to make large letters and then draw an animal on the letter that starts with that letter (s is for snail). This boy doesn’t really like to write or draw so I was surprised when we wanted to do it at all, let alone he wanted to do SEVERAL!

As he is trying to think of animals, or something, to put with the different letters, I mentioned that he might get out his dictionary and look up the letters and see what kind of ideas that would give him. (Keep in mind that I have been trying to get him to pull out this book and look at it for a couple months now.) So, he got it out and started looking up different letters and finding different things to draw. Next thing I know he is just looking through it finding different things and just enjoying learning.

At this point I’m starting to want to get refocused back to our regular work but decided to just “roll with it” and see where this went. I was really enjoying watching him enjoying learning. Next thing I know, he’s asking about using a Thesaurus (which he was recently introduced to in his English class). So we pulled that out and he started looking at that too!

Low and behold if the next thing I know – this child is writing a story! This child cannot stand to write more than three letters twice in his handwriting class! I’m not sure if my amazement is coming completely across or not – but this is UNHEARD OF for this child!

All I could do was stand there and smile – and thank the Lord for the opportunity to homeschool, to get to SEE these moments MYSELF. And I was thanking Him for keeping me from redirecting him and for just rolling with it. If I hadn’t, we would have missed SO MUCH!

Here is a picture of his story … and it is a pretty long one too! Such a happy, impressed mama here!


So, here are some words from a homeschooling mom in their eighth year of homeschooling — DO NOT lose sight of what is important. DO NOT be so focused on what “you’re supposed to be doing” that you forget to enjoy what you ARE doing. Let them learn IN THEIR OWN TIME and let them follow rabbit trails … you never know where they might lead! I am SO HAPPY I did today! To God be the glory!

Enjoy the journey!



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