I’m Baaack!

Hi everyone! After about a ten month break, I’m back!

What have I been doing while gone? Well, A LOT of things actually! We did a lot of work on our house, put it on the market, sold it, moved in with my inlaws, my husband lost his job so we did job searching. We ended up living with the inlaws for three months. Hubby did get another job – FOUR HOURS AWAY! So, we moved! I’ve been trying to learn about health and how what we eat matters. I found out about 18 months ago that I have hypothyroidism – which explains a lot!

It has been a crazy ride but through it all I have known the Lord would see us through – and He has!

Our family has picked a homeschooling curriculum that works really well for us. It is one I have liked for a LONG time but didn’t invest in because it was so expensive – well, that was a MISTAKE! *grin* This is our second year using BJU Press Distance Learning Online and we LOVE it! I have actually become a consultant for them through Homeworks by Precept – you can check my page out HERE. I’m also on Facebook Here.

Our two boys are growing and changing – they are J (19 – Senior) and P (7 – 2nd grade). J isn’t sure what he wants to do yet but he does know he LOVES photography! (And he is a NATURAL and “has an eye” for it!) He is considering: photography, architectural engineering, ornithology or web developing…wide range, right!?!? There is an upcoming event at a local community college that he plans to attend where you can talk to people about these different interests to see what he would need to succeed – we’ll see if he has any more direction after attending that. J also worked for LifeTouch (the photography company that goes in to most public schools, churches, etc.) They have “seasons” that follow the school schedule so they work four months, off two, work four, off two. He decided not to return after his four months as he wants to focus his energy on finishing school.

P is still our “energy boy”. He still has an abundance of energy and is extremely intelligent.

Both boys are still doing Tae Kwon Do. Praise the Lord we were able to find a new place in our new town that has something very similar to what they were doing before. They are both red belts and would really like to get to black belt.

Hubby is enjoying his new teaching job (if you remember – he is a public school teacher). He is teaching middle school math and PE and LOVING it! It is a smaller school which is working out really nicely.

I just started reading a book called Cleaning House which is about raising and TRAINING up our children instead of doing everything for them. So far I am really enjoying it and am hoping to implement some change to how things work around our house in the near future.

Well, that’s about it for now. I will be back with pictures and more to catch you up as to what we’ve been doing over the months. Until then…

Enjoy the journey!



One thought on “I’m Baaack!

  1. Dawn Morrison October 20, 2015 at 10:40 pm Reply

    Nice to see you back at blogging. Hugs of JOY!


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