Movie Review ~ Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

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I had the opportunity to review Kirk Cameron’s new movie Saving Christmas. Honestly I didn’t watch any kind of trailer before agreeing to review this movie…I just saw “the cover” and heard things like “watch it with your family” and thought it was going to be a fun kind of Christmas movie. So our entire family sat down to excitedly watch…unfortunately I was wrong. For starters, this is not a movie younger kids will enjoy in any way…it only took a few minutes before our six year old was off doing other things.

We were only allowed 24 hours to watch the movie once we started it…and since we watched it Saturday evening and have church for the majority of the day on Sundays we didn’t have enough time to watch it a second time in order to be better prepared for this review. So forgive me if I am unable to provide a lot of specifics…I didn’t realize I was going to need them as I was originally watching it…so I didn’t take notes. I did ask to be allowed time to watch it again but that time was not provided.

So, my review…

First, I suppose I should have taken in to account Kirk’s two other movies I have watched, Monumental and Unstoppable, both of which have a ‘documentary’ feel to them and are mostly Kirk sharing his personal thoughts on different subjects related to the Bible. They do offer some good information but they also offer some false information. Saving Christmas is no different.

As I post this review, I feel it is important that you be aware of my overall preference of things related to the Scriptures…I prefer there be no guessing stated as truth. This film, unfortunately, does exactly that. If you are assuming or presuming…I think it MUST be stated in one form or another and not shared as an exact truth. Unfortunately that is not done here.

With that…the main thing I got from this movie is that it is trying to convince Christians who take the Scriptures literally and hold them as very important in their lives and tell them that their opinions and feelings are wrong. But, not only that, but that there are Scriptural reasons as to why those opinions are wrong. Now, I am always open to being corrected and to having my understanding of Scripture challenged. However, I am not at all impressed with someone using the Scriptures out of context to attempt to prove their point. This can be extremely damaging in many different ways. This is a perfect instance where we should check our Bibles for what people are saying. We don’t need to just check to confirm it is in there but we need to check for content, wording, placement and meaning…THAT is what matters.

The movie starts off by saying ‘the time was when the soldiers were killing all the babies at Herod’s command’ as in to the relation of when Christ was born. In actuality, Baby Jesus was TWO when that happened. May sound like a “little thing” but it is presented as a big thing that is accurate in the movie and having that time difference makes what the movie is saying completely wrong. Needless to say, this immediately put us “on guard” for other doctrinal inconsistencies.

Kirk then relates the swaddling cloths from Jesus’ birth to that of His death. We do not know if this is accurate or not. In this movie they are making assertions that this is true without having proven it in any way. Again, something that makes us leery of what is yet to come.

It talks about Santa (aka St Nick). Kirk shares about the history of St Nick, where he “came from” and how it all started. All great things…but still…NOT the point of Christmas. He talks about the good that “St Nick” did and how he gave away presents and how the Lord gives us presents and how giving gifts to our children is a good thing. And feasting…that feasting is good and right and celebrating the Lord. Sorry…not seeing it. Basically just saying we should be happy and think about the the Lord and that is how we are celebrating Him. Although true to an extent, in actuality, it is wrong. THAT is the danger of this film. It is right on the border line of at least being true in one sense but the entire overall point is way off.

He also discusses the tree and how it is meant to be a symbol of Christs death on the cross not something people worship. He talked about the snow globe of the nativity that is ‘shoved in the corner’ and instead of saying how it should have the forefront of the room he shares that everything else going on is celebrating Christ. I don’t know…overall, to us, it was just someone trying to put a “secular twist” on to Scripture. Quite honestly, I was offended.

So, what did we like? We cannot say we do not appreciate a celebrity openly talking about Jesus. That is VERY important. (But we are afraid that people will believe what he is saying just because he is a celebrity.) We did enjoy that there was humor mixed throughout the movie; there were several times that we all broke out in laughter.

Overall, we were very disappointed with many aspects of this movie. This movie will be in theaters for two weeks starting on November 14, 2014. Unfortunately we do not recommend going to the theaters to see it but if you are interested in watching it rent it from the library…but make sure you are prepared to answer to your children as to the questions presented…make sure you are ready to give accurate account of what is mentioned because there are major discrepancies presented as fact.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Disclosure: I received a link to view this movie via the internet for 24 hours in exchange for my honest review. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.



2 thoughts on “Movie Review ~ Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

  1. guysfilmquest December 6, 2014 at 9:53 am Reply

    Dawn, good review, I enjoyed your perspective as a Christian looking at a movie made for the Christian audience. I was expecting you might go a different route with the movie, and I thought your insight was interesting. How would you rate this film on a 10-point scale?


    • Dawn @ Guiding Light December 6, 2014 at 1:32 pm Reply

      On a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the best, I would rate it about a 3. (maybe a 2)


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