Book Review ~ Scripture Sleuth by Mat Halverson

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We had the opportunity to review a set of Scripture Sleuth books by Mat Halverson. These books are recommended for ages 8 – 12 (grades 3-7) but can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone. I used these with my six year old son and his small Sunday School class. I read the stories to the class and had them try to help me solve them.

Personally I had never heard of these books, however, I posted something on Facebook about them and several people posted that they knew about them, and loved them!

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These books are very different from anything I’ve ever experienced. They are short mystery stories that involve a young boy known as Concord. This boy solves every mystery with a verse from the Bible so he eventually becomes known as “The Concordance” (which isn’t often used in a positive manner).

Each story is independent of the others so it doesn’t matter which order you read the stories or the books. Since they are only six pages in length (on average) the information is shared quickly and to the point. They are fun to read and easy to follow.

We did enjoy these mysteries but I will say that they were difficult for us to solve without using the solutions in the backs of the books. However, one of the seven-year-old students in our Sunday School class was able to get them quickly so I am assuming it just depends on how your mind processes information.

I found these to be a really fun way to share Scripture with kids and a fun way to make the reader think about how the Scripture applies to the mystery. I will say though that these do NOT have Scripture apply in proper context of what they truely are in the Bible. {Spoiler Alert} Here is one of the solutions so that you can understand what I mean:

Joshua 10:13-14 describes a day when the sun stood still in the sky. The passage also says that such an event hasn’t happened again since then. Concord realized that if the sun is always moving across the sky, the statue’s shadow is always moving, too. When the Burley twins claimed it took them two hours to trace the statue’s shadow, Concord knew they had to be lying. The statue’s shadow would have moved too much during those two hours to be traced in one spot.

Overall we found these books enjoyable and would recommend them to others. These would also be a fun gift to give…with Christmas coming up soon!

Click HERE for a sample chapter!

The books cost $7.00 each as singles but the price gets less the more you buy at one time. Check out pricing HERE. The books range in pages from 85 – 113 with 12 mysteries in each one. Each mystery is approximately six pages.

Here’s praying you have fun learning!




Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this free in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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