Schoolhouse Review ~ New Liberty Videos (The Forbidden Book) #hsreviews

New Liberty Videos Review

I had the opportunity to review The Forbidden Book by New Liberty Videos. The cost is $19.95 for the DVD. [It is available on the DVD as both regular and Closed Caption.]

New Liberty Videos Review


This is an hour long documentary film covering the history of the Bible. This video would be for you if you are interested in the history of the printing of the Bible. It has many different pictures throughout that show the history being discussed…it is always neat to put pictures to words so they become more ‘real’ to us. This video discusses not only the main PEOPLE associated with sharing about the Scriptures and keeping ‘them alive’ but it also discusses important things like HOW the Bible was copied during the different time periods.

I did watch this video with our entire family in the room but both boys quickly got bored and started doing other things. So, although the content is appropriate for all ages, the way it is presented is not something that will most likely be of interest to youngers. (Or teens, but they can be instructed to watch it anyway if desired.) Honestly it was difficult for me to stay interested in this video, although I did  because I was very curious about the information, but it is presented in a bit of a boring fashion.

New Liberty Videos is the business of Brian and Marilyn Barkley in which they produce Christian videos. Brian has been involved in the movie business since 1969. They live in Overland Park, Kansas. (Which is interesting to me because I lived in Overland Park, KS for MANY years!)

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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