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Fortuigence Review

I had the opportunity to review Essay Rock Star Personal Statement Writing Course offered by Fortuigence. This is recommended for ages 12 – 18 and costs $57 for this self-paced course.

Fortuigence offers four Essay Rock Star Short Courses:

The Personal Statement – In this short course, students learn to write a specific essay type called the personal statement, also known as a personal narrative. College applications almost always require a “tell us about yourself” or personal statement essay.
The Persuasive Essay – In the Essay Rock Star short course, students learn to write a persuasive essay successfully. This type of essay is important because the writing sections of most college entrance exams like the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) require persuasive essay writing.
The Expository Essay – In this short course, students learn to write an expository essay. The expository essay is the most common essay form that is often assigned in high school, college, and in the workplace. The purpose of an expository essay is to explain or inform an audience objectively about a specific subject.
The Textual Analysis – In this short course, students learn to write a textual analysis. A textual analysis essay assignment requires middle, high school and college students to write a review on someone else’s work. Book reviews, movie reviews, and product reviews are all examples of textual analysis essays.

Fortuigence Review

We chose to review The Personal Statement since J is getting closer to college (should he choose to go) mixed with the fact that he isn’t very good at seeing the positive in himself. I was hoping this course would help him take a harder, more honest look at himself so as to see the positive.

We are now on our sixth year of homeschooling and we are starting to embrace more online schooling…finding it can be more fun than just reading out of textbooks (for J) and also adding more fun and imagination (for P). Both boys are enjoying the online subjects they are currently enrolled in. I have also learned the benefit of having others work with and grade J’s work – and help him learn subjects I am not very strong in. This course is exactly that! Writing and grammar are definitely not my strong areas. Yes, I have this blog but it is harder to teach and explain than to just write. *grin*

With that, lets get to telling you about this program. The main thing is that it is a mastery program. Mastery learning has little to do with specific content, but rather is a description of the process of mastering particular learning objectives. It requires well-defined learning objectives organized into smaller, sequentially organized units. In order to demonstrate mastery over each lesson, students must be able to overtly show evidence of understanding of the material before moving to the next lesson.

It is a fairly simple program with the normal online reading part taking 15 minutes or less. They also have the option to pick if the assignment is read to them or if they want to read it themselves. J had the first one read to him and then he read the others (because it took less time for him to read it than to listen to it being read to him). Having this option is wonderful though as it can help different types of learners!

Even the assignments are pretty easy and quick too. J does NOT like to mess with writing. He was not overly excited to do any of this program. BUT he did enjoy the fact that it isn’t long and drawn out. The first “assignment” is to submit something previously written to the teacher who then advises if you are a good candidate for this program. J came back as a “competent writer” and we quickly moved on to the next assignment. After being turned in, you normally get a reply back from the teacher within 24 hours.

 photo TopicsPrettyPic_zpsd81547c6.jpg


The above picture actually shows TWO assignments in one picture. The list on the left was one assignment and the handwritten part is another assignment. As you can tell they are not lengthy (although the time it can take to THINK about them can take a little bit, depending on the student).

Both the short online reading and the not-overly-complicated assignments are definitely a bonus for my non-reading (unless it is something fiction he loves!) son. During our review period time we got about half-way through the program.

We did run in to a couple of technical issues that we were not given a specific answer to but that did not hinder our ability to complete the program.

There was no “freezing” of video issues – which is such a blessing – there is nothing more frustrating, in my opinion, than a video that needs to keep buffering.

About the founder, Lily Iatridis: She holds a Masters Secondary Teaching from American University, a Masters in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University. She’s worked for two years as an English teacher in Japan, ten years at public schools in Maryland and Virginia, and finally she taught at a small private school in New Jersey for two years before embracing online teaching fully.

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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  1. Lily Iatridis October 14, 2014 at 11:16 am Reply

    Hi Dawn,

    Thanks so much for your review! I look forward to working with J to complete the course and “seeing” him in his online classroom again soon.




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