Schoolhouse Review ~ Heirloom Audio Productions – Under Drake’s Flag #hsreviews

Analytical Grammar ReviewWe had the opportunity to review Under Drake’s Flag from Heirloom Audio Productions. This audio drama is recommended for ages six to adult. It is two hours of listening fun and learning!

This is the coming of age story of Ned Hawkshaw who becomes a cabin boy for Sir Francis Drake. It is a book of adventures of his time with Drake.

 photo Drake_zps6963544b.jpg

The whole story is about Ned and his adventures…growing from a boy to a man. He has adventures and rescues people in dire need. It is accounts of his “coming in to be a man”. It is more than just an adventure but a story of his “right of passage” to manhood.

Some things that happen:

  • He learns to deal with a rogue sailor who isn’t very kind to him but he has to learn how to follow orders.
  • While they are at war with the Spanish and while raiding a ship he rescues the life of a governors daughter from a shark. (She then becomes his love interest later in the book.)
  • He is shipwrecked near a Spanish colony at the time of the Spanish with his close friend.
  • They are rescued and head to the jungle where a group of runaway slaves who he trains and teaches how to protect themselves from the Spanish and their Inquisition.
  • After they save themselves they leave the group and cut across South America where they hope to meet up with a couple of other Drake ships.
  • Along their way they met people who had been tortured. As they get to the town they were captured and asked to renounce their faith which they did not. They made their escape.
  • They ended up stopping the Inquisition in this colony! Many of the Spanish didn’t like the Inquisition as it was a power struggle more than justice.

There are other minor adventures in the story. He ends up returning home with Drake and captaining his own ships.

Honor, chivalry and high ideals are all throughout the story.

For our family, we used this as a “family read aloud” and I will admit that our six year old wasn’t overly interested in it. The rest of us thoroughly enjoyed it though!

There is also a small full-color study guide that accompanies this. It offers a page of questions and thinking further items and vocabulary for each “chapter.” It also offers three Bible studies: Godly Character, True Manhood and Confessing Christ. Drake’s Prayer is also on the CD holder.

Here is a sample of the study guide…

 photo DrakesFlag_zpsba199611.jpg

Our family did not use the study guide (at least not at this time…we may the next time we listen to it!) but it does seem to be a wonderful way to add additional learning.

This is definitely something we would recommend to others! It is a little bit expensive, in my opinion, running $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping but overall it is a comparable price to other audio dramas available.

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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