Week In Review: FIAR (Storm in the Night)

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This past week and a half we rowed Storm in the Night by Mary Stolz. P has been asking about storms and rain and lightening recently so this worked out perfectly! Not only did we get to discuss things like the water cycle, rain and storms but we got to discuss fear and senses and so much more! We are still new to this teaching method but so far we are really enjoying it!

We started off by discussing Language Arts topics presented in the FIAR Volume 1 book. We worked on vocabulary words (mandarin, bough, errand) and talked about onomatopoeia [“name making”] and using italics within the book.

We talked about different sources of light (lightening, light bulbs, furnace) as well as what to do in a storm. We talked about fears. We talked about and experimented with our senses. I had him eat a few different things to tell me whether they were salty, sweet or sour as well as had him find different things around the house that were soft, hard, smooth and scratchy. Some of these ideas were obtained from the My Five Senses Booklet as well as the Fold N Learn from FIAR.

It was really neat how P would do the sounds of the clocks in the book by the time we were done reading for the week…shows he is paying attention!

We really enjoyed going through the FREE Do You Know that Clouds Have Names booklet. I didn’t want to print the entire thing as it would use A LOT of ink. But from the booklet I ended up making our own “Clouds booklet” which would provide us an easy to read and take with us resource. Additionally we watched a YouTube video on The Water Cycle and discussed things about it afterward.

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We signed up to receive the Magic School Bus Science Kits many months ago so we enjoyed doing several of the “water experiments” while rowing Storm in the Night. We found out how water “climbs up” paper (pic on left) and how submarines sink and float (pic on right). We also watched the Magic School Bus “Kicks Up a Storm” movie (as we own the entire series) but here it is on YouTube! [Click link above.]

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Besides FIAR we worked on Math-U-See as well as Explode the Code Online and Simply Charlotte Mason Delightful Reading. We use letter tiles we purchased awhile back from Amazon to work with this book instead of the paper tiles provided.

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I’ve been starting Pinterest boards for the individual FIAR books to help me keep track of the resources I want to use with each one. Here is my FIAR: Storm in the Night board if you want to follow.

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Along with Weekly Wrap-Up.

Here’s praying we all have a wonderful time learning!


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  1. Lisa September 12, 2014 at 12:28 am Reply

    You did so much this week! I love how it all ties together! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with “My Week in Review.” Hope you can join us again this week. http://our4kiddos.blogspot.com/2014/09/my-week-in-review-4.html


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