Difficult to Discuss

Homeschooling When Life Happens 

So…there is a lot of talk in the homeschool world about how advanced homeschoolers are and how smart they are and those who graduate at 16 and such. One thing that isn’t really discussed is those who do NOT do this. Those who have a difficult time – not due to any illness or special needs – but just due to life in general. It just isn’t really discussed very much. I guess because we want our children to excel. And probably more so because so many are “against” us that we feel we have to “fight” for our homeschooling journey already that we don’t want to put a damper on anyone’s already negative view of our homeschooling. Regardless of why, I believe even this is a bonus to homeschooling! If a child needs longer to complete a particular subject or grade or whatever, they have the right to do so – to thoroughly LEARN whatever it is they need to learn…and they can do it without complete humiliation (Lord willing). In a public school setting their entire class and probably a lot of the school would be aware of this and would most likely give them a VERY hard time.

So when things get off track and “succeed” looks different we get a little nervous and a lot quiet. Well, quiet is a relative term. *grin* Quiet for a blogger means we just don’t share it on our blog. *grin* Until now.

In all honesty, we have always “homeschooled when life happens” in this house…and not very successfully. This past year things finally “hit the fan” and here is where we are now…

I’ve written a couple of posts that have “skirted around” the truth of where we have found ourselves this year (check out “Hindsight“)…but it is time to just share it and “get it over with”. Unfortunately last year was a very difficult year for us therefore our oldest is going to be re-doing 11th Grade. Why? Because life happened.

As it turns out…we are NOT the only homeschoolers to ever do this – shocking as that may seem! I posted the possibility of doing this in several places and I had several people comment in all places that they too have “held back” a student. It is true when they say “misery loves company”…I have to say…knowing others had been there (or were there) too was very comforting to me – I guess because we always hear so much about how advanced homeschoolers are.

Although this is a hiccup in our homeschooling journey, we have decided not to stop and focus on it. We have decided to accept what happened and move on. We have also learned a lot and made many changes in order to help this year go more smoothly. We are very excited about this. We feel good that we have our focus in the right place – making sure what is necessary to be learned is in fact learned and understood. We are focusing on character (for both teacher and student) and we are moving forward with our heads held high.

So…what have we done to make things different? Several things. First is me, the teacher / facilitator, I am motivated to stay on J and make sure he is getting his work done. I am apparently a very visual person so I have made a board where he marks off each subject done for each day. It is in the living room where it is seen all day long – therefore I have a reminder all day long (something I apparently need). We have also gotten more organized this year (see Homeschool Organization post).

 photo Board_zpseb3655ab.jpg

We have switched J to mainly online homeschooling thru BJU Press (see Our Curriculum post) which is working MUCH BETTER for him! I finally decided that his schooling was going to HAVE to require a large financial commitment…what we needed was going to cost money. I prayed and investigated and prayed and investigated FOR MONTHS about this…and we finally made the commitment when they had their August sale. I am SO HAPPY we did! So far it has been WELL WORTH the cost!

We do not plan to find ourselves in this position ever again (with J or P)…this mama has learned her lesson “the hard way” and will be more focused on her children’s education…thanking the Lord that she doesn’t have to work any longer and that her focus is more easily put where it needs to be.

Now head over to the main Crew Blog Carnival post {link will go live 8/27/14} and visit other bloggers sharing about how they homeschool when life happens.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



2 thoughts on “Difficult to Discuss

  1. Cbrown August 26, 2014 at 2:58 pm Reply

    We homeschooled our grade 1 daughter last year cause she was so far ahead of the others her age. This is a good reason to homeschool. I would do the same if she were behind. Because the modern public schools WILL NOT hold kids back a grade to ensure they thuroughly learn the material. Similarly, they don’t let them skip grades either.


  2. Charity August 26, 2014 at 4:06 pm Reply

    Thanks for being open and honest with us! I have known families who have held children back and have considered it ourselves but never did so. That’s one of the great benefits of homeschooling – you can make whatever changes wherever necessary to do what is best for the student! I pray that God will honor your commitment to keep your focus on your schooling!


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