Week In Review: FIAR (The Story About Ping)

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This past week was officially our second week of our sixth year of homeschooling (J in High School and P in First Grade). We are using Five in a Row (FIAR) with P for 1st Grade this year. This week we “rowed” (what they call learning through the literature books in FIAR) The Story About Ping. Since FIAR is a new curriculum for us I am kind of still “feeling my way around” how this is supposed to work. I think for our first time we did pretty good! Here is what we did…

The main thing of FIAR is to read the story FIVE days in a row. We did that but a couple times it was every other day (so this took us a little over a week actually). We also got the video to watch one day instead of reading the book. (That was really fun, we enjoyed it!)

So, as we read our book we worked on different things…one of which was a Hands of a Child Ping Lapbook. We did not do all of it and this is our first lapbook so it could be much more than we did but we are okay with this as our first one.

For Math we worked on numbers of Ping’s family…he wrote the numbers following the dots as well as I had him put them in numerical order. We then glued them to the page where they were supposed to go.

For Science I had P pick five different objects and we filled a bowl with water. He then guessed if he thought they would float or sink. He then dropped them in the water and we recorded what they did. We did this twice. He REALLY enjoyed this…so much so that he went and got several other items to experiment with!

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We did some “misc fun things”…dot-to-dot and a maze. For language arts we did a word search (P did it ALL by himself…he was VERY excited about that!) and he circled the first letter of each word from items found in The Story About Ping.

 photo MiscCollage_zpsce667ab2.jpg

We learned about China and the Yangtze River. He does NOT like to color (as you can tell) but he did “humor me” and do part of the flag. [The darker red is marker that he started with…when he realized it was going to take WAY TOO LONG that way, he switched to crayon.]

 photo ChinaCollage_zps83048506.jpg

We did some art and discussed the medium used as well as things like trails (showing movement) and reflections (so it appears like there is water there). P drew a duck from the Draw Write Now books.

 photo ArtCollage_zpsbda3da68.jpg

Lastly, we made Egg Drop Soup! I was VERY EXCITED about this as I have been curious for a VERY LONG TIME about how to make egg drop soup. It was SO EASY and tasted REALLY good (although in the future I would use regular, not fit n’ trim broth).

 photo SoupCollage_zpsefae1f06.jpg

We found some of our used page items over at Royal Baloo too…check out her stuff, she has some really neat things!

Besides FIAR we worked on Math-U-See Beta (yes…he excels at math! even this is VERY easy for him so far) as well as Explode the Code Online. All of these things are working really well for us so far (week 1-1/2 LOL).

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Here’s praying we all have a wonderful time learning!


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4 thoughts on “Week In Review: FIAR (The Story About Ping)

  1. Lindsey@Kindred Spirit Mommy August 23, 2014 at 11:45 pm Reply

    I have a first grader (6) who isn’t the most patient when it comes to coloring as well. : ) I wanted to suggest those bingo or do-a-dot markers you can find at the dollar store – they are more like painting and she really enjoys using them for the larger areas that need to be colored. What’s funny in our family is she has a 3-year-old brother who will sit for 15 minutes coloring one area and making sure there is no white space. haha


  2. Lindsey@Kindred Spirit Mommy August 23, 2014 at 11:46 pm Reply

    (Oh, and I love you guys made the soup to go along with the story!)


  3. Charity August 24, 2014 at 4:49 pm Reply

    Sounds like a fun week+ of activities! I think I would have tried FIAR if I had known about it sooner!


  4. Michelle August 24, 2014 at 6:58 pm Reply

    What a wonderful first week! Love that you made homemade egg drop soup! So fun! My daughter didn’t like coloring as much either early on in the 1st grade. She started liking it at the end of 1st – when she started writing better. I think she just needed time to fine tune her muscles.

    Thanks for linking up! 🙂


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