Schoolhouse Review ~ Happy Kids Songs #hsreviews

Happy Kids Songs ReviewWe had the opportunity to review three downloaded song sets (of the eight available) from Happy Kids Songs. These song sets were:

Set 1: Friends & Sharing
Set 5: Happiness & Attitude
Set 6: Manners & Character

They are a meant to be a fun, effective way to teach character, social and emotional skills to children ages 3 – 8 but would most likely be enjoyed by those in the age range of 0-9. Each set contains five songs.

Happy Kids Songs ReviewSet 1: Friends & Sharing covers shyness, reaching out, how to blend in, how to not be bossy and dealing with goodbyes.

Happy Kids Songs ReviewSet 5: Happiness & Attitude covers resolving conflict, being assertive, speaking nicely, tools for listening and talking feelings out.

Happy Kids Songs ReviewSet 6: Manners & Character covers lying, the golden rule, respect for others, accepting differences and rudeness and manners.

You can see a list of actual song names and hear samples of each song by clicking the links above. Each download set costs $4.95 or you can buy songs individually for $0.99 each.

We found it was a lot of fun to just start playing these songs at any time throughout the day, especially when we were grumpy. The catchy upbeat tone and the positive words would have us singing and dancing in no time. (Honestly I was surprised at how much our six year old son enjoyed these songs!)

One of our favorites is the song “Quirks” from the Manners & Character set. Here are some of the words from it:

“My sister kisses gerbils. My best friend always burps. And my daddy has a knee that jerks. Yeah, quirks are things that everybody’s got. Some got a few, and some got a lot, and some are kind of cute, but some are not – people’s quirks need some understanding.”

Happy Kids Songs ReviewAlong with the downloaded song sets we were provided a printed copy of Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social & Emotional Skills. This workbook is 125 pages that contains lyrics and activities for all 40 Happy Kids Songs (we received 15 of the 40 song available). The workbooks costs $13.00.

The first part of the book has the lyrics on the left page and an activity on the right page – one for each song available. The activities consist of things like crossword puzzles, coloring pages, word searches, places to write sentences, dot to dot, and many more. I enjoy being able to know the words of songs to help teach my son to sing with them so I appreciated having the book with the lyrics.

The back of the book has more of a “classroom approach” list of things for each song…things that involve discussion and play (normally geared more toward a group) but many can be used in a homeschool situation with slight modification. Most of the lessons are hands on and will require some form of preparation by the teacher. The majority of the lessons use items normally found around a house but some do have things that would probably need to be purchased prior to doing the lesson but the items needing purchased are not large or expensive.

This is a REALLY NEAT addition to the song CDs, in my opinion.

Awards received:

  • iParenting Award
  • Teacher’s Choice Award
  • The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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