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For the first time since we started homeschooling…I am not working for any income producing position. I cannot believe how much this has helped me focus on our upcoming school year! I knew working was a distraction but I didn’t realize exactly how much! So…with that…I am really excited to share my organization for our year…it is all fairly simple and pretty inexpensive as those are the things that work for us.

The picture above is what is found on our living room wall. If you read my post from yesterday…we homeschool in a very small space.

Since I will be doing Five in a Row, Vol. 1 with P this year, this is how I have his items organized. We had a folder holder I found I could use to put hanging folders in. I then made a manila folder for each book in volume one. In each folder I have the story disk as well as several printed items for us to work on (such as the fold ‘n’ learns offered by FIAR and lapbooks purchased on sale from Hands of a Child). I will use these folders along with the FIAR manual, the FIAR Bible Supplement and the FIAR cookbook.

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J is doing BJU Press Distance Learning Online this year. For that I bought a folder for each subject where he can print off the schedules BJU provides. In the pockets I print off whatever necessary pages (not many) and put them in here so they are ready when needed. He also is using a handwritten planner we reviewed from A Plan in Place.

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As the “facilitator” for J’s BJU Press learning, I have made a binder for myself as well. My printed sheets are the same one as J’s I just look at the last column on the right for my daily duties. I put it in a binder we already had and used tabs we already had as well. I printed several pages of each subject.

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I also decided – this morning – that I will be purchasing a planner for myself this year. I chose the “A Simple Plan Family Planner” from Mardel that was recommended by a couple of friends. I have gotten them in the past (YEARS ago) and didn’t really use them so I stopped getting them. With my goal of “being on top of school” this year…I decided to get a planner again. Excited for its arrival!

At this time I am really excited about how organized I feel this year…I pray we all stick with it and use the resources.

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Back to Homeschool Blog Hop

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One thought on “Back to School Blog Hop ~ Homeschooling Organization

  1. Lisa R @ A Rup Life August 13, 2014 at 10:38 am Reply

    Love how your board turned out!!!


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