Back to School Blog Hop ~ Our 2014-2015 Curriculum

Back to Homeschool Blog HopBack to school…does it make you excited? tired? Both for me. *grin*

Since I haven’t officially posted what our curriculum choices for this year are, I thought that would be a good place to start with our “back to school” blog hop!

I am REALLY EXCITED to start BJU Press’s Distance Learning Online with J this year. I am praying it will really help him. It is video based and offers a small amount of accountability. It also allows him to ask the teacher questions as well as chatting with the other students in the class. Now granted it is about three times what we normally spend (we normally buy used) but so far I am VERY IMPRESSED. Super excited to get started and see if it works better for J.

For P we have changed to Five in a Row. We will also be using Explode the Code Online and Math-U-See Beta. We are still getting the monthly Science kits from Magic School Bus so we will add those in too (even though they aren’t necessary since FIAR covers Science…but we have been enjoying them so will continue to do them until our subscription runs out).

We are starting our year TODAY! We always “start slow” so we will start with half of the classes this week and go to all the classes next week. Excited!

Now hop over and visit some of the other bloggers who have joined in…these bloggers are in “my group”…

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And…don’t forget to enter our “Back to Homeschool” giveaway! It is worth over $1300 and will have TWO winners! Enter HERE.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



One thought on “Back to School Blog Hop ~ Our 2014-2015 Curriculum

  1. Lisa R @ A Rup Life August 11, 2014 at 3:56 pm Reply

    I think your going to have a blast with FIAR! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


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