Blogging Through the Alphabet ~ “M” for Monitor Lizard #abcblogging

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Joining up with Marcy over at Ben & Me for “Blogging through the Alphabet”.

Since our family has a general love and appreciation for all the animals the Lord has created…I am going to attempt to “Blog through the Alphabet” using animals. Here is what we have done so far:

A for Alpaca   B for Bearded Dragon   C for Crocodile   D for Donkey  E for Elephant Shrew   F for Fennec Fox   G for Grey Mouse Lemur   H for Howler Monkey   I for Indian Palm Squirrel  J is for Jellyfish  K is for Koala   L is for Lionfish

And now…M is for Monitor Lizard…

Found in Africa and Asia. Most are tropical and many are hostile.

Most are found in forests but some are water-bound.

Monitors are known for a long neck, narrow head, forked tongue, strong claws, and a short body.

Some classic species of monitor lizards include the the Nile monitor lizard, Gray’s monitor lizard, the Komodo dragon, mangrove monitor lizard and Panay monitor lizard, but the list goes on and on and on. 

They range in size by species. Sizes range from eight inches to ten feet!

The komodo dragon is the largest of the monitor lizards.

Monitor Lizards stand on their back legs to look around so they were formerly believed to give warning of crocodiles.

Most of this species are mainly carnivorous eating eggs, smaller reptiles, fish, birds and small mammals. Some of this species each mainly fruits and vegetation, depending on surroundings.

Mom monitors bury their eggs in sand or in tree stumps. They can lay up to 30 but normally on a few survive. The eggs incubate for 8 – 10 weeks before hatching.

Unlike most lizards, monitor lizards tails will NOT grow back if lost.

I hope you have learned some fun things about the Monitor Lizard! Come back next week to see what interesting information I have to share on the Nurse Shark!

Ben and Me

Here’s praying we all have fun learning!



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3 thoughts on “Blogging Through the Alphabet ~ “M” for Monitor Lizard #abcblogging

  1. Stacie July 24, 2014 at 2:25 pm Reply

    Very interesting. The monitor lizard is new to me as I have never heard of them before. I didn’t know that some lizards tails could grow back if it was lost.


  2. Michele P July 25, 2014 at 12:58 pm Reply

    Now that is one lizard I would not like to meet in a dark alley! 😉 My boys, on the other hand, would like one as a pet! haha


  3. Karen W August 6, 2014 at 6:09 am Reply

    Hmmm, in pictures these are sort of cute, but I am agreeing with Michele, would NOT want to meet up with one, especially in a dark alley.I have heard of monitor lizards before, but just in passing. Loving these facts. Did not realize a Komodo dragon was classified as a monitor lizard.
    Thanks for sharing


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