Thoughts & Suggestions for High School Reading

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I am joining up with several other bloggers to share some thoughts and suggestions about High School Reading.

First of all, we school year round so we don’t have a “summer break” like a lot of other families do…BUT our summer schooling is more relaxed than the rest of the year.

This summer J is having some “not so fun” reading…he’s taking an ACT Preparation Class. Although not fun, it is necessary.

For fun reading, he is re-reading the Michael Vey series as the number four book is due out mid-September. WE ARE ALL VERY EXCITED!

Non-fun reading (like the ACT class) is something J isn’t very good at…he can drag his feet with the best of them. Now…give him a fiction book he’s interested in (like Michael Vey) and he can FLY through reading. I think this is important to realize because we then know he CAN read and that he simply needs additional guidance and “pushing” to stay on task with the ‘non-fun’ items.

So…in my opinion, there are two kinds of reading. The kind you have to understand and the kind you can enjoy (this isn’t to say that one cannot be both). There is “fun reading” (normally fiction) and there is “learning reading” (normally non-fiction). It is important to be able to read both.

Life is about reading and it is something we will have to do whether or not we want to. Now, of course, we have the option a lot of times as to what we will read as adults. But yet, often in our jobs we do not have a choice. So, learning to ‘push through’ is of utmost importance if someone is going to learn to succeed.

I have been reading The Eternal Argument by R. Robin Finley (Crew Review coming soon!) but one thing I have learned from it already is the importance of reading a VARIETY of things – or maybe more specifically things that you don’t necessarily like or want to read. You see, literature is ‘not my thing’ therefore J has missed out on some of that thus far. That will be changing as he finishes up High School. *grin*

So…for this summer he is:

  • Working on his Homeschool Architecture class (final review coming!) where he is required to do educational reading of different types of architecture.
  • He is also taking the ACT Prep class.
  • For fun reading, he is re-reading the Michael Vey series.

Some additional books he has taken great interest in are:

In general, I believe it is VERY IMPORTANT to read…as much as possible. We learn so much through reading! Some times it is difficult to “find the groove” of our kids, but once we do…they will FLY all by themselves!

Now hop over and read what other Crew members had to share about High School reading!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



2 thoughts on “Thoughts & Suggestions for High School Reading

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  2. Lis July 9, 2014 at 8:41 pm Reply

    I hadn’t heard of Michael Vey~ have to check him out. Your son might be interested in a couple of books on my list… we headed into some less typical directions as well. 😉


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