Schoolhouse Review ~ Go Science #hsreviews

Go Science Review 

We had the opportunity to review two Library and Educational Services DVD items from the Go Science series (series 2). This video series is recommended for ages 4 – 12 (but our ENTIRE FAMILY enjoyed them!).

These videos contain several “mini segments” (running about 10 minutes or less each) and are done as a “group show” meaning there is a group of children attending his show. In each one, he has several of the children be his helpers.

Our family LOVES Science…I think because it is very hands-on…so we were REALLY excited to get these opened up and watched! As it turns out…Science is still fun just by WATCHING experiments (and mom doesn’t have to clean up a mess!).

Volume 5: States of Matter, Water

Go Science Review 

This DVD covers different “states of matter” such as: ice cream, oobleck, density column (pictured below…that is water, oil and alcohol with different items dropped in),

 photo DensityColumn_zps4cddf37d.jpg

ice block melt, corn starch and water, cold water in warm water, ice in water, making butter, traveling water, antimagnetic water, pouring water and burning money.

and Volume 2: Life Science, Weather

Go Science Review 

This DVD covers: flashlight animal eyes, animal skulls, bobby pins, what are you looking at, how much do your lungs hold, eating nails for breakfast, naked egg, fire tornado (see picture below)…

 photo FireTornado_zps55851ef1.jpg

ping pong cannon, liquid nitrogen cloud, cloud in a bottle and garbage can vortex.

The titles of the segments (shared above) don’t necessarily let you know exactly what each experiment is about but we found EVERY SINGLE ONE to be extremely entertaining as well as a wonderful learning experience. The segments are short enough to hold even my super busy six year olds attention!  I was regularly amazed at how simple his experiments were yet how they EASILY and CLEARLY showed what he was wanting the kids to learn.

And…as I was writing this review I had one of the DVDs in so I could write down the segment titles…my six year old wakes up for the day, comes out and is SO EXCITED one of these DVDs is in the player. My heart was SO HAPPY! I LOVE that my son LOVES to learn through these! And then he was excited to learn (again LOL) that these are OURS TO KEEP (for forever, as he said).

Ben Roy’s “key phrase” is: “Every time we learn more about Science, we learn more about our Creator God.” Love it! Now, with that, these are not “religious videos” but he does like to make the connection between everything being created by God with a purpose – which we loved!

As a side note: I have had an account and have ordered through this company PRIOR TO this review and have always been satisfied with my orders!! Here is “who they are” as posted on their website:

Each of these two videos were just about an hour in length. The normal cost for these DVDs is $14.95 but they are $8.97 through Library and Educational Services.

Our family does have plans to purchase the remaining DVDs…these things are excellent!

You can follow Library and Educational Services on Facebook!

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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2 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Review ~ Go Science #hsreviews

  1. Stacie June 25, 2014 at 4:22 pm Reply

    We really enjoyed these DVD’s as well. I agree with you that it was nice watching the experiments and not having to clean up a mess. Don’t get me wrong I love science experiments.


  2. Mary Lou June 29, 2014 at 12:54 am Reply

    Nice to see some new science dvds. Will have to see if the library here can get them.


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