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Learning Breakthrough Program Review

We had the opportunity to review Learning Breakthrough Program‘s book

A Life in Balance.

Learning Breakthrough Program ReviewI was very intrigued by the opportunity to do this review as it is “right up my alley”…it was suggested that those with “add/adhd type behaviors” in their home would especially find it interesting. With that, I signed up – and I am glad I did!

This is the story of Frank Belgau as told to his son Eric Belgau. It is a very interesting book – in several ways. First, a lot of the chapters are focused on one particular person or event that was a big part of Frank’s ever changing “Learning Breakthrough Program”. Second, it is a very honest story…although it is an extremely uplifting story, the difficulties are not left out. Third, most of the chapters are very short (works good for people who have low attention spans *grin*). The entire book is 200 pages and consists of 30 chapters and an Appendix (that comes up to about six pages per chapter).

I have to say that I was quite shocked to read this book and find out that this is something Frank has been working on since the SIXTIES! and yet…with all the investigation I have done on ADD / ADHD type behaviors (which is A LOT of investigation)…I *NEVER* saw *ANYTHING* about Mr. Belgau, this book or this program come up in my searches…I find that a bit sad and frustrating.

Curious exactly WHAT the “Learning Breakthrough Program” is? Well…that is complicated. *grin* It is over fifty years of a man’s life dedicated to helping special needs kids learn to read. [Keeping in mind that this was a HUGE thing back in the sixties…in general there just wasn’t much interest in helping special needs kids…schools were “happy” just putting them in a class together and moving them through the system to become whatever “low grade” person they could become once they were out of school.] Frank’s idea was much deeper and was actually ‘discovered’ by accident! He was actually trying to “win over” a fellow teaching colleague and said he would “entertain” her special needs class with art so she could get a little break…from that…his entire life began. What he discovered was that these special needs kids were SMART and EXCELLED if ASKED to do so! And…they ENJOYED the challenge!

So…the book is about Frank’s life journey through ups and downs of trials and errors and different schools and people and places and things…all in order to work with special needs kids and helping them to learn to read. But even more exciting…he also found out this program worked for MANY OTHERS too! It is a very well written book…it definitely holds your attention and makes you think and wonder and smile with his accomplishments. I LOVED reading this book!

Basically the Learning Breakthrough Program is a set of things done in a particular order and way that helps to make BOTH sides of the body and BOTH sides of the brain work. What Frank found was that most often only one side of the body / brain was being utilized…and when both were…the change was immediate and dramatic. Some of the different things are: balancing on a balance board, hitting a ball with a bat over a target, throwing bean bags and many other things.

 photo LearningBreakthrough_2_zps1746a42d.jpg

You can watch a video about the Learning Breakthrough Program HERE. And you can read equipment details HERE.

The cost of this book is $16.94…if my post has intrigued you and sounds like something your family would benefit from…I highly suggest you read it!

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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