Mid-Point Review ~ Homeschool Architechture

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I have to admit I was a little freaked out when J mentioned he had interest in becoming an Architectural Engineer several months ago. Why? Because I had NO IDEA how to start leading him in the right direction to see if that is really where his interests were. Praise the Lord that my search brought forth an online homeschool architecture class…EXACTLY what I was looking for!!! (And it was affordable, unlike so many of the other options I found.) With that…here is our mid-point review…

J and I have had the opportunity to get about half way through Homeschool Architechture‘s Introduction to Architecture class (we are finishing up lesson 4 of 9). This class is recommended for Middle and High School students (those age 11 and up). You can choose a 9-week or an 18-week class schedule. (They are the same class, the due dates are just every two weeks for the 18-week class instead of every week for the 9-week class.)

About the instructor: Mrs. Gillespie (called Mrs. G for ease) homeschools her children but prior to that attended college and got a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture…so she has SERIOUS KNOWLEDGE of what she is teaching! She also believes in glorifying our Lord Jesus through “the arts” – very important for our homeschool adventure! You can find out more about her HERE.

I was interested to see how this class was going to work…I mean…really…how can you teach an ONLINE architecture class? Well, let me tell you…you can…and she does! This class works BEAUTIFULLY! Each lesson is emailed to you with a due date and a link to that lesson with the password. You follow the lesson link, login and read the different pages of information. (The reading is minimal which we LOVE as J is not a big “reader”.) There are color pictures showing examples of the work that other students have completed. Each lesson covers a different period of architecture.

Each lesson requires:

  • A large project to be completed.
  • Several scrapbook pictures to be drawn.
  • A one page paragraph sharing about that particular period.

It is suggested that 6 – 10 hours per lesson be set aside to complete the necessary work. This may sound like a lot but it is worth it, in my opinion.

The large projects for each lesson get progressively more difficult and require more time to complete.

The way the class starts is with the student emailing 3 – 5 pictures of things they are interested in to Mrs. G. She then picks one of the pictures to be the focus of the class and the projects. My son sent three pictures: a ball, nun-chucks and his Bearded Dragon, Nala. Mrs. G. picked the picture of his bearded dragon to be his focus.

With that…here are pictures of some of J’s work so far in this class…

Lesson One

 photo Lesson1Collage_Website_Review_zps6548aa31.jpg

Lesson Two

 photo Lesson2Collage_zpsca9c813b.jpg

Lesson Four

 photo Lesson4Collage_zps6a8209e9.jpg

As you can see, there is A LOT involved…there is A LOT of learning…there is A LOT of fun!

So each lesson is emailed to the student. The student reads the lesson information and does the work. Pictures are then taken of the scrapbook drawings and the project and those along with the one page paragraph are emailed to Mrs. G.

We chose the “graded with comments” option so with each lesson we get grades and comments for each area turned in. Responses have been received back within 24 hours so she is really quick too! (Something we appreciate very much.)

Curious exactly what the class covers? Check out the Class Syllabus.

How much does it cost? Always a VERY important question…the cost for this class is $150. Normally I would think that is a lot of money, and I still do, but honestly it is less than most other options I found on this topic and so far this class has been most impressive! At this time, if J is interested, I do plan to enter him in the Advanced Class which costs $175.

She also has a “Structures Summer Class” recommended for students ages 7 – 12…you can check that out HERE.

And with that…stay tuned for our final review coming in a few months…

Here’s praying you have fun learning!




2 thoughts on “Mid-Point Review ~ Homeschool Architechture

  1. Dawn May 27, 2014 at 10:48 am Reply

    Thanks for sharing this mid-review update. Our family is watching to see how your experience is and what he is learning as we have a young man that I think would really prosper in this area. Love the “little” reading that it involved with lots of hands-on.


  2. Kym June 2, 2014 at 10:23 am Reply

    Loved seeing this review – I came across Homeschool Architecture some time ago and wondered about it, so it’s nice to get more info from someone who has used it.


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