Schoolhouse Review ~ Trident Case #hsreviews

Trident Case ReviewWe had the opportunity to review Trident Case‘s Kraken A.M.S. Case for Apple iPad Mini 1/2. This product would be applicable to all ages. [Please note that these cases come in MANY different styles for MANY different devices. Our review is based solely on this item…but you can check out the other reviews from The Crew as many different items were reviewed!]

 photo CasePictures_zps03341ac0.jpg

Cases are MANDATORY for our family. These electronic items (iPads or iPods) are simply too expensive for us to have them not be protected! So…we were really excited to get this review and have the opportunity to check out these cases!

First, we were excited they are…

 photo MadeUSA_zpse5ddff5d.jpg

Always a bonus!

Second, we look for how much of the product is covered…we want as much covered as possible! No “flimsy” “pretty” things for us…these are boys and they need to handle TOUGH. *grin* This case covers everything except the Apple icon on the back…and even though it isn’t covered I would consider it protected because the case is thick enough that if it hit the ground, that part wouldn’t touch.


  • Hardened bi-enhanced polycarbonate shell
  • Shock absorbing silicone
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Device controls and ports protected
  • Meets military standards for vibration, dust, rain and wind
  • Recyclable

You can view the spec sheet HERE.

The cases come in seven different color options: white, black, blue, green, pink, red and grey. We chose the green as that is one of the boys favorite colors.

 photo ThreeParts_zps5a8c789b.jpg

As you can see in the picture above, it comes in three parts. You put the black rubbery one on first, then the green hard one for the back and finally the green one with the screen cover on the front. We put it on as soon as it arrived as we had an iPad impatiently waiting for a cover. My oldest son was letting my youngest son use his cover until this one arrived. We initially put this one on my 17 year old son’s iPad Mini 2 but he soon realized he didn’t really like it as the volume keys weren’t working correctly. So we took it off and exchanged the covers…oldest got his back and youngest got this one.

The only issue we had with our case is that the volume buttons wouldn’t work correctly, however after several attempts and finally getting it PERFECT they work just fine. We wouldn’t say this case is any easier or more difficult to put on and take off than the other one we have (which is a different brand but has the same basic concepts).

Overall we are very satisfied with this protective case. We did not intentionally drop it so we cannot attest to that aspect but it has withstood all the usage we have given it over the last many weeks! We do have to clean the screen regularly, but again we have to do that with the other one when youngest uses it too.

Cost is $59.95 which is a bit pricey for our family and would definitely be taken in to consideration.

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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