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Golden Prairie Press ReviewWe had the opportunity to review Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History by Amy Puetz offered through Golden Prairie Press. This is an all encompassing History curriculum recommended for grades 1 – 6 (but can be used for older grades too). This consists of six different items: the history books in part 1 and 2, additional materials, historical skits, sing some history and listen to some history…all are ELECTRONIC (but books can be ordered as printed items).

The author, Amy, is a HOMESCHOOL GRADUATE!!! Isn’t that cool!?!?!

Golden Prairie Press ReviewHistory book 1 has 388 pages, History book 2 has 408 pages – that is almost 800 pages! WOW! These are “the meat” of this curriculum. Normally the 1st Grade lessons have about one page of reading and the 3rd – 6th have about three. There are normally pictures involved (some black and white, some color). At the end of each lesson you will find a few review questions, writing topics, geography and some fun things to do. The lessons do indicate when you should refer to the other resources so you know when to use what and where. Each lesson also offers a memory verse. Often times historical art will be used to learn from as well. The answers to the review questions can be found at the back of each book.

The Additional Materials file contains twenty fun things to go along with some of the lessons – stories, pictures, songs, timelines, craft helps, etc.

The Sing Some History file contains twenty songs performed by either the Peterson Family or Fairchild and Harris (instrumental).

The Listen to Some History consists of twenty different things read by someone. For instance, the Mayflower Compact and the Declaration of Independence. Overall there is over four hours of listening available.

The Historical Skits ebook consists of 50 pages covering nineteen skits from Columbus to WWII and call for three to ten actors. This would be fun to use if you have a large family or in a co-op situation!

This is a very fun way to explore history for elementary grades – it covers a wide variety of ways to interest the students and get them involved in learning…what we homeschoolers LOVE! This curriculum involves fun learning not only through the text and exercises but also through games, cooking, crafts and experiments.

This is a sample of one of the many craft type things you can / will do with this curriculum. They are simple and easy to do (patterns provided!) using everyday common items found around the house. (It is also stressed that you do not have to do ALL of everything offered…you are to do what works best for your family!)

 photo canoe_zps7fd8d475.jpg

For us, this program worked REALLY well as the lessons are short and the additional things that add to learning are fun and offered my active son the opportunity to “get up and learn” (how he learns best). We obviously did not have P write out the writing topics but they are things that can easily be “narrated” so as to make sure there is understanding of the topic without the writing.  For us, as we do Charlotte Mason type schooling with P, this curriculum fits in quite well…short, requires attention, then exploration.

You can view a sample of the History Book HERE…it shows you how “simple” this is but yet how in depth it covers.

Overall we LOVE this program and would recommend it to others. The only downfall in my opinion is the cost for this curriculum. It is $98.99 (which I feel is a bit expensive especially for ebook curriculum). You can get the books in printed form for the same price but they are only offered in black and white. Although we would normally prefer a printed book over an ebook, the black & white pictures would be a downfall.

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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