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Logic of English ReviewWe had the opportunity to review Foundations, Level A from Logic of English. This particular item is recommended for ages 4 to 7 and PreK / K students. The Foundations, Level A set consists of the Teacher Manual, Student Workbook and a hardback copy of Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds.

Logic of English ReviewFirst of all, you have the choice of manuscript or cursive – we chose manuscript. The main lessons found in the Foundations books are short and simple to follow. They are an average of about four teacher’s pages and go fairly quickly. The lessons involve phonemic awareness and handwriting with the student listening, writing, talking and moving. Fortunately for us there is VERY LITTLE writing…my son just doesn’t like that part yet! He really enjoyed the parts when I would say the phonogram of the word and he would put it together and act it out, like j-u-m-p. Honestly, I did at times have a little difficulty figuring how how I was supposed to pronounce the different letters or combined letters but besides that this worked really well for us!

We also received the Reuseable Rescources pack which consists of Student Whiteboard, basic phonogram flash cards, Rhythm of Handwriting tactile cards and Rhythm of Handwriting quick reference chart.

Logic of English Review photo ReuseableResources_zps8bd17e09.jpg

We liked the “tactile cards” because they feel like sandpaper and allow the student to not only see but FEEL how the item should be written. He enjoyed being able to write on the whiteboard as he doesn’t really like to write so it made it more fun than just writing in the workbook – plus if he made a mistake it was very easy to wipe off and start over (he is a perfectionist so this was VERY nice!). This is definitely not a required part of this curriculum but if you are looking for a fun way to teach this is a nice bonus.

We got to review all the above PLUS two apps! Doodling Dragons…this app has a suggested age range of 4 to 7 and costs $4.99. This app was P’s favorite. He LOVED it! The play part speaks out the letters of the word and the student has to figure out what the word is a click on it in the picture. Each letter covers words beginning with only that letter. It also makes sure to cover ALL the ways a letter can sound. The learn part simply says the letter sounds when whatever letter is pushed.


Logic of English Review

 photo DoodlingDragonsPic_zpsb26f2885.jpg

And Phonics with Phonograms…this app has a suggested age range of 4 to adult and costs $2.99. Now this was *MY* favorite app as it made P have to listen to the letter and then pick the correct one. It says the letters all at one time of every way it is pronounced / heard. In the beginning P found this confusing but he quickly caught on. There is a screen you can visit that shows how the student is doing – what they are missing and what they are successful in.

 photo PhonicsApp_zps5c733c02.jpg

 photo PhonicsApp2_zps98a753d3.jpg

Overall we have enjoyed this program and appreciate the “multi-sensory approach” used. It makes learning a lot of fun and it isn’t boring as Language Arts can often be thought of as being. It works really good for active students with low attention spans.

You can find sample pages HERE. The Scope & Sequence can be seen HERE.

The price for Foundations, Level A and the Reuseable Resources is $156.00. Foundations, Level A alone is $71.00 and the Reuseable Resources by themselves is $85.00

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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