Random Five on Friday ~ 4/25/14

 photo Random5Button_zps1632ff61.png

Joining in again with “Random Five on Friday” hosted by The Pebble Pond and I am super excited to join in!

So here are my Random Five for this week:

1) BAM! Out of the blue we found a house we like and are going to try to sell our house and get that one. A lot of this week has turned in to preparing our current home for selling (painting, etc). The Lord works in mysterious ways…praying it all goes smoothly.

2) J is getting his second Bearded Dragon today…coming from New York! He finally decided on the name “Skye”. This one is supposed to be white when he is mature. One thing about beardies…you just never know what they are going to end up looking like.

 photo Skye_042314_zps8616d5f1.jpg

3) Wrapped up THREE reviews this week! Homeschool Adventure Co., CTC Math and Brinkman Adventures.

4) P had his second t-ball practice. He likes it but it moves a little slow for him. *grin* (He is the one in the orange shirt. Such a serious look! LOL)

 photo Tball_042414_zps7761e199.jpg

5) FINALLY got something planted in the garden – tomato plants! My MIL got some for free and shared some with us. We have MUCH more to plant but at least we finally got SOMETHING in the ground!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


I *LOVE* to read your comments! Please share your thoughts!

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