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CTC Math ReviewWe had the opportunity to review CTC Math‘s 12 Month Family Plan which provides us with one year of access to the homeschool program which covers Kindergarten through Trigonometry for up to five students.

We used it for mostly Kindergarten and First Grade for P. We used it as a stand alone program for him and it worked really well. We started out doing Kindergarten but fairly quickly moved to First Grade. P tends to be REALLY smart in Math…this program confirmed that. Here are some screen shots of different things he worked on:

 photo CTC_2_zps41b07e27.jpg


 photo CTC_3_zps13c257b5.jpg


 photo CTC_4_zpse335a8de.jpg

This program is REALLY NEAT in the fact that the student can use (drag over) the items for counting. The light, bright blue things are ones that he “pulled over” to count.

 photo CTC_5_zpsec384444.jpg

Working on 3D shape recognition. First they went thru which shape was which and then they added numbers (addition) to it. Neat idea!

 photo CTC_6_zps2910ee37.jpg

The videos are fun to watch and short to listen to (and the guy has a really neat Australian accent!)…most are about three to four minutes in length. Once the student watches the video they then do the lesson associated with that video, usually consisting of ten questions. Once the lesson is over they immediately get a sheet showing their grade.


 photo CTC1_zpsf853d86e.jpg

This program can be used as your main math curriculum or it can be used as a refresher or an added item to what you currently use.

Working on lessons:
 photo CTC_7_zpscfdd8927.jpg

 photo CTC_P3_zpse5b671ff.jpg

The younger students also have the option of doing both standard testing or comprehensive testing to “test out of” a section.

 photo TestingOut_zps57668b59.jpg

As a fun bonus, the students get award certificates for doing a job well done!

 photo CTC_Award_zpsf89bf84c.jpg

One of our favorite things ~ you can go to ANY COURSE, STREAM, OPTION you want AT ANY TIME so it isn’t that you can’t move on if you haven’t done something.

J did mess around with Geometry a little bit as well. He prefers doing things with his hands verses online so he preferred using his current math curriculum. Trying to figure out where he would be in this was helped by using the “Lesson Summary” offered for each lesson. This is a pdf version of the lesson that you can open and quickly see what is covered.

Some things I did notice that were different between the younger grades and the older grades (seen on the right of the pic below)…sometimes they have worksheets, solutions and a place to enter their grade. So, it is handled in a way that a more mature student can progress through. (And from what I understand they have it set up so they know if students are cheating.) Some times they are not offered the solutions until AFTER they have entered the answers.

 photo CTC_Geo_1_zps223af7e8.jpg

There is also a “parent area” where you can see a general overview and a detailed overview of where your students are. The parent area is VERY BASIC and doesn’t allow you to assign work or anything…you can simply view what your student has done. Personally this wasn’t an issue for us…we actually really liked the fact that they could work wherever they wanted and at whatever speed they wanted.

Here is what the overview looks like:
 photo Overview_1_zps7cea1d42.jpg

Here is a detailed report:

 photo Overview_2_zps4e241a8b.jpg

You can see a video demo on this page.

Regular pricing is $29.95 per month for one student or $39.95 for 2 or more students. You can also pay for six months or one year which offer additional discounts. To me, this price is a bit excessive for one student but would be worth it (and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) for multiple students. Please note ~ there is currently a 60% off SALE on this product (at the time of this posting).

We will continue to use this program in our homeschooling adventure!

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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