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Home School Adventure Co.We had the opportunity to review Philosophy Adventure from Home School Adventure Co. This is a really neat program designed to help 6th – 12th Graders with speaking, writing and defending their faith. ALL.IN.ONE! For this review we received the Pre-Socratics Digital Download which consists of the student workbook, teacher resources and the reader.

The main objective of this curriculum is to teach students to be able to defend their beliefs well…in both a written manner as well as in their speaking.

Philosophy AdventureThe Student Workbook is 154 pages that require filling in by the student. In the pdf version we received, you can type the information directly in to the forms but we chose to print them off and hand write the answers on the pages.

The Teacher Resources book is 112 pages and contains the answer keys to the student workbook. It also has a timeline that can be used to help the students through their studies.

The “Reader” is the meat of the program. It is 160 full-color pages. It is the reading and “homework” part of the program.

This curriculum is broken down in to several “parts”:

  • Reading – about many different philosophers and their lives.
  • Writing – this helps them learn WHAT they believe as well as WHY they believe it. It consists of serious writing as well as creative writing.
  • Thinking – Many questions are asked that simply make the student THINK about what they think about something. Also, memorization is used through out this course to help engage the students more. Here are a few examples: “What are three things beyond your ability to know for certain?”, “What are three things you know only because the Bible revealed them to you?” and “Can you think of a time when your senses deceived you?”
  • Speaking – this gets them thinking about how important it is to speak well as well as the opportunity to work on it.
  • Contrast – each section ends with this and asks the student to compare a work of the philosopher with a Biblical worldview.

It is set up to be used as either a 4-day or a 5-day a week curriculum and can be easily followed either way. It is something a High Schooler can do on their own while a younger student would need some assistance from the teacher. The way the program is designed it can be used as your primary curriculum (adding math, science and foreign language) or you can use it as a supplement to another curriculum. If you choose that route you can do some monthly, every two weeks, or weekly. Credits can be given in English Comp, History, Speech and Logic.

You can add the additional vocabulary and memory cards if you prefer. There is also a quiz at the end of each section so you are able to verify what your student has learned.

For us ~ we are really enjoying this curriculum and will continue using it. We are using it as a supplement to our current material. We LOVE that there is not a lot of reading associated but there is a lot of thought required. It seems to be a “simple program” but honestly there is A LOT packed in to it. We love how it covers so many different subjects at one time and how the learning is presented in an interesting way. For this review, we printed everything we used because it was easier for us but you could easily read the material on the computer and then type in the answers for the student workbook on the computer.

This curriculum costs $39.95 for the digital download, $49.95 for it on CD, $69.95 for a print reader with the remainder on CD and $89.95 for a printed reader and student workbook with teacher resources on CD…so there are several options depending on what would work best for your family.

Overall we would recommend this curriculum to others!

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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