5 Days of Homeschooling with Excessive Energy – What is it?

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I am excited to be participating in the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog Hop! There are over SIXTY of us participating sharing MANY different things about homeschool life. I chose to post about “Homeschooling with Excessive Energy” because P, our youngest son (6), has A LOT of energy and I would like to share with you some of the things we have found to “help”…help him, help us, help homeschooling, help life.

I would like to start with what I mean by “excessive energy”…I have a tab at the top of my blog titled “Spirited Child” where you will find all the posts I have written about this subject – what my investigation has shown us and why my thoughts are on this subject. However, for now I will just quickly explain what *I* mean by ‘excessive energy’.

Our 6 year old son has been “different” pretty much from the beginning. At first I thought he was a “high needs baby” then a “highly spirited child” and now we are more toward ADHD but not completely and definitely not officially diagnosed. What does this look like? I still like the list of items from the “high needs baby” so I will share the basic list here and you can read the article for more information:

  1. Intense
  2. Hyperactive
  3. Draining
  4. Feeds Frequently
  5. Demanding
  6. Awakens Frequently
  7. Unsatisfied
  8. Unpredictable
  9. Super Sensitive
  10. Can’t Put the Baby Down
  11. Not a “Self Soother”
  12. Separation Sensitive

Now, if you think this sounds like “a normal baby (or child)” take this list and multiply each item by 1,000 and you will have a “high needs baby” or “highly spirited child”. Most kids have these but “high needs” / “highly spirited” has them MORE than others. Honestly, it is hard to explain and something even those who are “close” to us didn’t (and still don’t) seem to recognize as different than other kids. However, if you spend a lot of time with them…you will know quickly that there is something different about them.

Two things we hear a lot are “he’s just a normal boy with a lot of energy” or “he’s just a normal kid”. Sorry folks…he is not “a normal child”…and that is OK! We just have to learn about different things we didn’t have to before and we need to try different things many families don’t. And we need A LOT of prayer each and every day.

P is a picky eater. The only thing predictable about him is that he is unpredictable. Tags on shirts bother him. Food textures bother him. Too loud of noises bother him. “Normal babies” fall asleep in a moving vehicle – P screamed the entire time (30 miles – many times). He doesn’t like to sit still – EVER. He moves CONSTANTLY. He talks constantly – and LOUD. He runs, FAST, all the time, everywhere. He trips. He falls. He is SO SMART it is scary. He debates (and is right too many times). School worksheets are a joke (don’t even try!). Sitting still in church – HA! We tell him the most basic of things over and over and over and over (continue forever). Without the Lord none of us would survive each day. *grin*

Now I want to make sure that you understand – I am not complaining about our son – we LOVE him! We just want to help mature and grow him to be a man the Lord can use which will require a bit of tweaking so that he can maintain focus and sit in a chair for any amount of time. We know the Lord has HUGE plans for our son…we just want to help get him there.

With that, come back for more on this subject…as this week I plan to discuss diet, curriculum and resources for ‘homeschooling with excessive energy’…hopefully you’ll find some {additional} help if you have found yourself in this place ‘crazy homeschooling place’ too!

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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7 thoughts on “5 Days of Homeschooling with Excessive Energy – What is it?

  1. Meg April 7, 2014 at 8:16 am Reply

    You’re so right — there are kids who are energetic and then there are kids like ours who are Energetic with a capital E. Sometimes, you have to live with it to appreciate the difference.


  2. Lori H April 7, 2014 at 8:39 am Reply

    Great start to the week. I am looking forward to the remainder of your posts for ideas and encouragement. Thank you for choosing this particular topic.


  3. Melissa April 7, 2014 at 12:07 pm Reply

    I completely understand as a few of our kids are like this. 🙂 They were eventually diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. They had a bit of therapy, and we took them off gluten and artificial dyes, and now things are much calmer. Have you considered that for your son? Especially what you said about food seems like it might apply. Just a thought. 🙂


  4. Lexi April 7, 2014 at 12:18 pm Reply

    This will be great! I have some friends who homeschool highly energetic or easily distracted kids. I’m sharing this with them! I have a wiggly boy who is a handful at times but is probably just a typical busy little boy. However, we have a special diet at our house because of food allergies and I have seen how it has helped all of us!


  5. Michele P April 7, 2014 at 1:38 pm Reply

    Loved this post Dawn! I parent “one of those” kids too! Good to know we are not alone on the trenches. He wears me out, but he is loved dearly and I KNOW that God has special plans for him. Looking forward to reading your week’s posts!


  6. Lynn April 7, 2014 at 6:10 pm Reply

    What a great post. Raising two boys myself I know a little about having son’s unwilling to sit still.. Look forward to reading your posts for the week…


  7. Cindy July 5, 2014 at 7:29 am Reply

    I just found this article and most of the things you mentioned sound so much like my daughter and yes I remember those car rides like yesterday when she would scream the entire way. Many people say she is just being normal but I agree with you this is not normal and I’m okay with that too it is just to find the best way to help her and us.


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