Random Five on Friday ~ 4/4/14

I found this new meme “Random Five on Friday” hosted by The Pebble Pond and I am super excited to join in (even though I am joining in on Saturday this week *grin*)!

So here are my Random Five for this week:

1) Hubby had another grand mal seizure last Thursday, so I got to be his chauffeur all week.

 photo Driving_zps213e856f.jpg

2) We gave our bearded dragon, Nala, her first bath. She didn’t really like it very much (which we understand to be pretty normal) but they are supposed to really like them once they get used to them.

 photo NalaFirstBath_zps0b0e7c47.jpg

That is P’s hand which is being used as a size guide…she is growing fast!

3) J is working on a architecture class…there will be more coming on this later.

4) I think Spring has finally sprung! We had two days of A LOT of rain and now we have GREEN GRASS everywhere!

 photo Spring_zps08df089d.jpg

5) We now have two Blue Belts in Tae Kwon Do – they are both excited! Their testing was on 3/22 but J was out of town for a week after that so he officially got his belt this past Monday. P got his the Wednesday before. This picture is of the group that tested on Saturday 3/22/14. We are so very thankful to have found a Christian run TKD academy!

 photo TKD_032214_zps1c8ae3c1.jpg

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


I *LOVE* to read your comments! Please share your thoughts!

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