Schoolhouse Review ~ #hsreviews ReviewWe had the opportunity to review Amazing Science, Volume 1 offered from This DVD Science set is recommended for Grades 1 – 3 and sells for $17.95 (or you can download it for $14.99). We were provided the DVD set which consists of two DVDs totaling 23 experiments. ReviewMy son is 6 and we REALLY enjoyed this product…he even asked if he could do it when he had the stomach flu…SERIOUSLY!

How we used this product: we took the list of necessary items for each experiment (you can find the list over at Kathy’s Cluttered Mind – thank you Kathy!!) and from that decided which experiment we wanted to do (often based on what items we had currently available). The experiments can be done in any order without causing any issues.

How it works: the first thing you do is watch the video to see what items you need (except that Kathy made us a wonderful list so we already know!), then Jason (the guy in the videos) does the experiment and then he explains WHY the experiment worked the way it did. I did not time any of the video experiments but I can say my son was really only interested in the experiment part, once Jason started sharing about WHY it worked the way it did, he had little interest. This wasn’t really an issue for me as I am thinking we will do these all again at a later time when he will be more interested in the why part…right now I am just really happy at how excited he is to “do science”!

The first one we did was “Egg in a Bottle” which we had never done before. We LOVED it! Our egg actually EXPLODED…it was really fun! (And you might want to wear safety glasses.)

 photo EggCollage_zps56cab28f.jpg

The video outlines how to do each experiment in a VERY easy to understand way and it is done step-by-step. There were times we stopped the video before he did the experiment and there were times we watched him do the experiment and THEN we did ours. Regardless of which way we went about it, it was ALWAYS FUN because when you see and do it IN PERSON it just has such a stronger impact.

Another one of the experiments is “Matchstick Speedboat” where you put a match in water and dish soap on the end of a q-tip and then make the matchstick move by putting the q-tip to the end of the matchstick. Exciting!

 photo Matchstick1Nice_zps739a9bc3.jpg

Here is “Floating Eggs” where we put water and salt in one glass and just water in another glass and then saw that one floated and one did not. (Of course the video explained WHY this happened even though my son wasn’t overly interested in that part.)

 photo FloatingEggCollage_zpsfa19ac44.jpg

We really did LOVE this DVD experiment set. The only thing we didn’t like was that there wasn’t a supply list provided. We were VERY THANKFUL to our crew member who made one up for us to use! And even though my son wasn’t really interested in watching the remainder of the videos to find out why each experiment did what it did, I believe these are ones we can do again when he IS interested in learning why. My overall opinion is that these are a wonderful compliment to anyone’s science class. It definitely is not a stand alone curriculum but it is a wonderful asset to help you get your “hands on” Science fun!

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Our Crew also reviewed several other items which were math related items so head on over and read more reviews from the Schoolhouse Review Crew!

Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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