Saving Money, Save the Earth

Toys and Games for HomeschoolSince quitting working full-time almost six years ago, I have learned many things about spending money wisely. Fortunately for us my husband was already pretty good at this…I however had much learning to do. So here are some of the many ways we save money regularly.

 photo axstj-recycle4-1013-5240_sm_zpsb5942478.jpg

  • We recycle everything we can…it doesn’t make a lot of money but it gives us a few bucks AND saves the world from just more trash (as we recycle cardboard and paper too, of which we don’t get any money). We also recycle our printer ink cartridges (hubby actually takes these to the school he works at and they turn them in and get a little something for them).
  • We reuse sheets of paper…so if they are printed on one size and we no longer need that, we have a drawer we put it in so the other side can be used!
  • We purchase most of our food from Aldi – we save SO MUCH by doing this! Some other items we use we try to buy when on sale.
  • We get most of our clothes from thrift stores. Several times we have even found the original tags on our items! Small price for almost brand new clothes!
  • We use our bathroom towels more than once.
  • We hang our clothes outside to dry when it is warm out.
  • We add water to our hand soap bottles so they last longer.
  • We use empty water bottles to give some much needed “cool-ness” to our bunnies in the summer.
  • We reuse bubble envelopes and boxes that get mailed to us.
  • We print as much in black and white as we can when we use our printer.
  • We reuse everything we can…glass and plastic containers we buy food in is washed and saved for a future use.
  • We have a “left-overs” night once a week to use up items that haven’t been eaten.
  • When we were drinking real, raw milk – if we didn’t drink some in time we dumped it in our garden area…raw milk is supposed to be REALLY good for gardens.
  • We have a garden (in the spring / summer obviously).
  • We participate in a produce co-op.
  • We do not pay for cable tv.
  • We have flip phones – not smart phones.
  • Our most recent adventure (which will officially start today) is having a roach colony so we can feed J’s bearded dragon. Doing it this way will save us a significant amount of money per month!

Learning to “do without” when everyone else in the world has “all the fun stuff” seems difficult but it really isn’t once you realize that STUFF is not the main goal!

As far as being frugal in our homeschooling here are a few things we do:

  • Very rarely do we buy new curriculum…except for the student text. Often we will buy as much as we can used and then buy whatever little we need to new. (Since most student workbooks are used by the student).
  • I sell our curriculum as soon as we are done with it – this helps to “finance” our “new / next” curriculum purchases.
  • We normally attend less expensive or free field trips.
  • We use many of the items we saved (from above list) for many different things in our homeschooling adventure.

Now “hop” over and check out what some of our other Crew members shared about being frugal (this link will “go live” on 3/12/14).

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



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