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Kinderbach ReviewWe had the opportunity to review KinderBach which is an online piano lessons program offering lessons to children ages 3 – 7 (although it can be used for slightly above and below that as well). We were provided the “Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Corner” for this review. The only MUSTS for this is the use of a piano or keyboard (3 to 4 octaves or 36 to 48 full sized keys) and a computer or item to view videos (iPad, tablet, Kindle, Nook).

Do you think learning piano is just about music? THINK AGAIN! Here are some other things learning music helps with:

 photo SkillsLearned_zps4531876b.jpg

The owner has it set up to where the students learn through a boy named Frisco and some animals friends he has. Along with a train station. So kids are easily entertained and their attention is kept through things that will be of interest to them. It isn’t just a “boring piano”…it is “Dody’s house” and “the train station”.

 photo Characters_zps175e1d6b.jpg

 photo PlayingPiano_zps1ecf0cf2.jpg

They offer two separate programs: one for the classroom and one for the home. The home program is done simply by clicking the “next” button in the videos whereas the classroom program (aka Teacher Corner) offers A TON of information so the teacher has minimal work to do.

 photo LevelsScreenPrint_zps4b5125b2.jpg

 photo TeacherAid_zps20a889d2.jpg

I also found this information helpful in letting me know what “the point” was for the lessons…as someone who is not musically inclined, sometimes it is hard for me to know exactly. Here is an example:

 photo Level1Goals_zps86d51f39.jpg

This program is VERY WELL DONE. I am not easily impressed and I am very impressed with this! The videos are engaging, the teacher is EXCELLENT at keeping their attention, the lessons are quick and easy and not too complicated (for anyone).

 photo TeacherPlaying_zps5008448b.jpg

When you first login you are taken to a page that allows you to pick which level you would like to go to:

 photo MainLoginPage_zps13839d28.jpg

Once you pick which level you are taken to the next screen which allows you to pick where you want to start:

 photo Level1MainPage_zps420811af.jpg

Originally I was a little frustrated that the program didn’t save where we were so we would automatically pick it up at the same spot next time (as I am using this with only one child). Then I realized it is set up this way so that those with multiple students can easily go where they need to. Amazing – great thinking!

There are “maps” provided for each level so you can print them off and keep track of where each student is in the program – another AMAZING tool!

 photo Level1Map_zpsb9d2c993.jpg

Once you are taken to where you would like to start, you click the play button and away you go! Most often there is a page that needs to be printed with each lesson. Here is an example of the worksheets (they are exactly the same online and what you print – except what you print is black and white and what is on the screen is in color):

 photo Worksheet_zps66f7c547.jpg

 photo Worksheet2_zps427a0199.jpg

 photo Worksheet_zpsa603534f.jpg

Here is how they are taught to do three notes in a row (and then also “stair step up”), neat isn’t it?

 photo DogStep_zpsa5a3f3c2.jpg

So…are you curious as to what will they learn?

 photo Level1_rev_zpscf78cb0a.jpg

 photo Level2_rev_zps5f30854b.jpg

 photo Level3_rev_zpsf5c10983.jpg

 photo Flyer_rev_zpsb06813e0.jpg

I’m sure you are extremely impressed by now and cannot wait to try it out with your student/s! If you want to try KinderBach out with your child…you can do that HERE with a FREE two-week trial!

Curious about the price? The home lessons are only $130 per YEAR. (Or $95.88 if you order by 2/28/14!). Think that is expensive? Think of the cost of most private lessons which are normally about $25 per THIRTY MINUTES! So, what I’m saying is…this isn’t a bad price! (Also, you can pay by the month if that works out better for you.) Prefer to use DVDs? You can do that too! Look HERE.

And, of course, other says to connect with KinderBach:

Facebook for Teachers:
Twitter: @KinderBach
YouTube: KinderBach Preschool Piano

Please head over and read more KinderBach reviews from the Schoolhouse Review Crew!

Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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