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So…Trim Healthy Mama has been around for a little while now…and I have mentioned it before (back in March 2013 – which it was funny to re-read this post again…a year later…SO MANY things have changed since I wrote this!). In that post I stated how I loved the nutritional information in the THM book but that the recipes seemed rather difficult and the ingredients were not ones commonly found in our kitchen. [Well…low and behold…come to find out…we now use several of the things needed to follow the THM plan! *grin*] I have also mentioned over the last several months how I was starting Weight Watchers…well lack of finances have stopped that, as well as doing Tae Kwon Do classes the same place the boys are taking classes. So now it is completely up to me…here at home…using healthier eating and exercise. (Yes, I did say the dreaded “e” word. LOL) Imagine that. *grin* [Actually the way it really should be anyway, right!?!?]

So, as of this past Friday, I ordered another Trim Healthy Mama book (as I sold my previous copy). I know SO MANY people who have found success on this plan. It is also very “healthy eating” focused…which I understand a lot more now (but I still have A LOT to learn!). Additionally, it seems to deal with “sugar addiction” – which I also suffer from. [You can check out my Food Addiction post from 2011 is also interesting to re-visit. It is neat to look back…and see what has changed…and what has not.]

One week ago today I started a 21-Day challenge with a friend of mine and a couple of other ladies. I have been exercising and somewhat watching what I eat. So far I have lost 1-1/2 pounds. My friend posted something similar to this…

 photo Pounds_zpscd9bd956.jpg

…in our group and I thought that was a WONDERFUL idea! So…the ones in the picture are mine…nothing fancy…but still helps when I look at it each time…it is a very visual way to see that progress (even if small) *IS* being made.

I am continuing to research and learning healthier ways of cooking and eating (you can check out my cooking with cast iron posts too). I am trying to learn and change as much as I can while still staying within our budget (not always the easiest thing to do!).

So…in preparation for my THM book arrival, I have grabbed/ordered a few things so we can be prepared to start…Laughing Cow cheese (just the name cracks me up!), almond milk, stevia and glucomannan. I guess we’ll see how they work. Some of the things we already use now are coconut oil, much less processed foods (therefore many natural cooking essentials), turkey bacon, lots of veggies and fruits.

Right now, two of the big questions I have are…greek yogurt and stevia. I have tried both and like neither of them…so curious how often they are used, in what, and if I will like them or not…

A site with a lot of VERY HELPFUL information is Gwen’s Nest. I have also been told that there are a lot of wonderful recipes that can be found on Pinterest…so I have started a board there too!

So…have you heard of Trim Healthy Mama? Have you tried it? Have you had success? Do you have friends who have tried it and had success? Heard of it but been hesitant to try (like me)? I’d love to hear…leave a comment telling me!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



4 thoughts on “{More On} Weight-Loss [Trim Healthy Mama]

  1. Blossom February 12, 2014 at 6:30 am Reply

    Hi, Dawn 🙂 I remember when you first looked into THM…and I remember I said something like “Don’t waste your time or money on it!” My how things change! I’ve lost 30 lbs on THM and know my life will never be the same as it was. Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to list some of the benefits, beside losing weight, that’s come from THM: I sleep better at night; I used to have a racing heart after just about every single meal- that’s gone; I can walk up and down the stairs in my house without feeling like I’ve run a marathon (I have two flights of stairs); I used to suffer (not an exaggeration!) from a rash on my stomach from wheat that I no longer have; I used to have terrible heartburn (it’s been gone for almost 1 year); I eat foods that I would not have eaten before and like them (mostly lol); I lost inches even when I wasn’t budging the scale…I could go on.

    As for greek yogurt…eh, I don’t really like it either. My dd loves it though 🙂 I love cottage cheese however. And stevia- it’s an acquired taste. I only buy stevia from Aldi (I’m thinking you have an Aldi, right?) and it’s different than Truvia or the other stevias mentioned in the book and by other THMers. I’m *frugal* and can’t afford those other stevias. But it is a taste that you come to appreciate. In my case: Sugar after I got used to stevia was so strong and almost sickening.

    Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you in this. I loved the nutritional information but the rest I was weirded out by 😉 I’m a convert now and I ain’t going back! 😀


    • Dawn February 18, 2014 at 7:33 am Reply

      Sorry for the slow reply – I did see your comment previously and then forgot to reply – so sorry my friend! Thank you so much for your encouragement in this…it means a lot! I’m sure I will be bugging you with many questions as I go along this journey!


  2. Blossom February 12, 2014 at 6:33 am Reply

    Oh, and just wanted to comment, I was on THM for almost 6 months before I even bought the glucomannan. And at first my body did not like it! I rarely use it now but can. It’s not a necessity, that’s what I’m getting at 🙂


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