One Income Means Having Less {or does it}

I went to our local grocery store the other day (I don’t shop there very often as we live in a smaller town so it is more expensive) and was saddened by what I saw in one of the isles…saddened by something this is so common today that I think most of us miss it…we just don’t really even see it…but it really was quite disturbing to me…

What was this thing I saw that was “so terrible”? This thing we so often overlook? It was a mother and daughter shopping…no that wasn’t the sad part. The part that tore my heart to shreds was that the mom was in front with the cart and the daughter was behind her…totally engrossed in her phone. They were totally disconnected…and my heart broke.

 photo 7641-101413-gs7641_sm_zpsac11f3bb.jpg

Now…in all honesty…I don’t know these people and what I saw and felt could be totally incorrect…however, what I saw is so prevalent in today’s society

  • We are not connecting as much with those we are with in person.
  • We are connecting (or are we?) to those “online” more than those in-person.
  • We assume that kids need their friends more than their family. (Or that they don’t need their family in general.)
  • We assume that kids need to be around other kids their own age more than being around a wide variety of ages.
  • We assume that it is unimportant for a mother to train a daughter in very important things (such as shopping).

What I DIDN’T see was this…

 photo MomDaughter_zps8e198df9.jpg

…there was absolutely NO BONDING going on between the two of them. My heart broke…for both them. For me and my broken family. For society as a whole that thinks this is acceptable behavior.


Now this leads me to the title of this post…One Income Means Having Less {or does it}…the thought that also came to me at that moment was that I am SO THANKFUL I am now staying home full-time and homeschooling our boys. Why? Because we are so much more connected!

Even though we are a one-income family and we don’t have…

  • pretty new cars
  • name brand clothes or shoes
  • the newest SmartPhone
  • the best…well, any THING

What we *DO* have…is each other!

 photo mom-1113fg-v-941_sm_zps6162a383.jpg

So…I am here to remind myself (to to share with you)…when I wonder…“is it worth it?” I say, “YES!”…even though we struggle EACH AND EVERY DAY…we also BOND as a family EACH AND EVERY DAY. I would much rather have the bonding! *smile*

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


I *LOVE* to read your comments! Please share your thoughts!

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