Today I would like to share something that is essential for us in homeschooling – especially for highly spirited boys…HANDS-ON ITEMS!

P is a boy with a lot of energy – A.LOT. OF. ENERGY. and it didn’t take me long to realize that sitting down and doing schoolwork just simply wasn’t going to work for him. Through that we have moved to quite a bit of a Charlotte Mason approach with him which seems to be working really well.

Now I’m not sure if this is actually a Charlotte Mason approach item…but it is working for us…and we are, overall, eclectic in style. With that, we were fortunate enough to purchase the Magic School Bus monthly Science kits when they were part of the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op special – HALF PRICE! I jumped at that and even though this is only our second kit – we are LOVING it!

 photo MSB_Collage3_zps4094b780.jpg

Above is “making goop” which was SUPER EASY (and I think we have done this before somewhere else)…using cornstarch and water you “make goop”. The really neat thing about this stuff is that it is hard, almost like cement before it is hardened, when it is in the bottom of the container. But when you pick it up it turns in to a liquid and runs right out of your hands. It is SO COOL!

 photo MSB_Collage4_zps11d4931b.jpg

The above is “fizz water”. The Magic School Bus kit provided the fizz table and we put it in a cup of water. Really neat way to show how a solid turns to a gas.

Some other ways we have hands-on items for our homeschool is using Math-U-See for math. The manipulatives help him keep his hands busy while also giving him a visual for learning.

We also have the Melissa & Doug See & Spell to use for our letters, phonics and spelling. As well as chalk and a chalk board.

And of course we have a huge assortment of craft items we use! Some we don’t use as much any more but we used the different foam shapes for telling different shapes, sizes, colors, sorting. One of his FAVORITE things to do in the beginning was dot markers…we don’t do those very much any more. The skill sticks are one of our news acquisitions…I am excited to see what all we can do with them!

 photo HandsOnCollage_zpsbf22aaf7.jpg

Well, that is a lot of what we have been using for hands on in our homeschooling. I am finding that when he is moving in one form another he learns SO MUCH BETTER. He gets very frustrated when he can’t move.

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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