WOW! Speech Class NEEDED!

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11th Grader. Interview.

Speech Class NOW.

That is how it worked in our family.

I have known for a couple years that a speech class of some sort was going to be necessary for J as he is just a quiet, laid-back kind of guy. This is good for the most part. But not when it comes to interviews. For interviews, if you want to get the job, you HAVE to outshine the others that are interviewing too.

So, he went to his interview and from what he told me, it didn’t go very well.

I immediately decided we would be doing a Speech Class ASAP!

I asked around and researched different things and finally chose BJU Press Sound Speech (intended for upper middle school / high school students). I posted that we would be having a class and decided if there were at least two other students we would do the class. I didn’t care about numbers…I just wanted him in a speech class!

We ended up with three other students – four total – so it was a go! I was SO THANKFUL to the Lord for providing the other students!

Well…this coming Friday is our last class. I set the class up as a 14-week class, one hour IN CLASS and the rest outside of class. We had two weeks off for holidays and one week for weather. It’s been a “long haul”…but it has been WONDERFUL! At the end of the class (Friday) all the students will have earned a semester grade for speech. WOOT!

The class is set up so that ten of the fourteen chapters require giving a speech. LOVE IT! (Of course, it makes sense since it is a speech class, right?) The students cover all kinds of speeches as well, which is such wonderful life experience! The speeches covered are: introduction, personal opinion, personal experience, declamation, demonstration, informative, persuasive and devotional. They also had to do in-class listening evaluation, audience analysis and an interview.

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So…now that I have shared that…let me share what I have LEARNED from this experience:

Onemore than one hour in-class per week would be highly recommended. There is just SO MUCH covered in this book that with weekly speeches – it just needs more time.

Twothis is an EXTREMELY thorough book. I LOVED it and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to others needing to work on this area. They had a lot of fun activities that could be done during class time too. We did enjoy several of these but would have liked to do more of them.

Three – have someone lined up to do the interviews at the end. I finally decided to go with the father of a couple of the students (because I knew he would still grade fair). However, I would have liked to have someone NONE of the kids knew to do the interview…as that is what it is like in real life.

Four – a super fun game to play as part of this class is Apples to Apples (the word game). We got this game for Christmas and I was SO IMPRESSED with it that I changed the next week’s class to playing this game. It is the PERFECT game for a speech class!

Overall the entire class went very well and I am so glad we did this. I have seen improvement in all the students and pray that they (and their parents) see improvement as well.

{Oh, and, by the way…my son DID end up getting offered the job! *grin*}

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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5 thoughts on “WOW! Speech Class NEEDED!

  1. Kayla January 21, 2014 at 10:05 am Reply

    Totally agree – So important! Oh and we love Apples to Apples!


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  3. […] Dawn @ Guiding Light Homeschool: Essential Skills to Getting a Job  […]


  4. […] Dawn @ Guiding Light Homeschool Essential Skills to Getting a Job […]


  5. Stacey January 23, 2014 at 10:13 am Reply

    My husband works for a large electric company here in Texas and was a part of a group that were being “groomed” for management. What was the focus? PUBLIC SPEAKING! Over 14 months he had to do 6 speeches, some with a power point presentation. That may seem like a lot of time to do 6 speeches but he is a crew foreman and had to do all of this on his free time.
    It was an eye opening experience for us as a family. I am the gabber so I always helped write them and then we would all listen as he would “present” to us for practice. I decided then that it would be something I would focus on with my children. I hope that exposing them to their father overcoming his issues with public speaking will help them. He still hates it but really learned so much from the experience. He would be the first to tell you that it was a big help for the interviewing process too.
    Thanks for the great post! God Bless to you and your family


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