Cooking with Cast Iron #4

Well, we’ve had our cast iron for a couple weeks now and I am getting much better at understanding how this stuff works. (I am by far NOT an expert though – so don’t misunderstand!) The overall cooking is the same (except that I have to put some kind of “oil” in with whatever is being cooked…so far it has mostly been butter.

The other night I made meatloaf in the dutch oven…that was an interesting experience. *grin* My main fear….CLEAN UP. Ok…well…I was a little concerned about how it was going to taste too. Normally when I make meatloaf, I used two loaf pans in the oven and put half of the meat in each pan. With the DO, I obviously put all the meat in on pan. Someone said they flip theirs half way through cooking so it gets “crusty” on all sides. Yea, well, you can see (by the picture on the far left) how well that turned out for me. LOL Fortunately it still tasted good!

After I took all the meatloaf out and saw the pan…I was skeptical! That looked like a painful clean to me! However, I am excited to say it cleaned up pretty easily!

 photo MeatloafCollage_zpsc11d0eae.jpg

I am even getting less stressed about eggs as I am learning more and more about cast iron.

 photo Eggs_011414_PM_zps9918cb12.jpg

And then…grilled (meat) and cheese!

 photo ToastCollage_zps6f86c5b4.jpg

Here are some things I am learning about cooking with cast iron:

One…we need to cook with an oil (butter in most cases but I have also used canola oil, coconut oil and olive oil – depending on what I am cooking).Two, I have learned a valuable lesson…do NOT clean while the cast iron is HOT as it could warp. Clean when it is WARM and use HOT water. Now…understand…it isn’t the easy removal like the aluminum black coated pans. However, with a little muscle (and a good scraper and scrub brush), cast iron cleans up pretty easily!

I LOVE the old time, rustic look of our cast iron and I am loving the way they cook. And cleaning…which has always been my worst fear with cast iron…well…it just isn’t a reality. [Keeping in mind that it is NOT the simple “wipe and clean” of the other “worse for your health” cooking pans.]

Stay tuned…more cooking with our cast iron coming!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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