Cooking with Cast Iron #3

It is snowing like crazy outside today so it seemed like a good time to do some cast-iron cooking experimentation! So this morning I made eggs and bacon and for lunch I made dutch oven macaroni and cheese. (Our youngest LOVES mac & cheese so when a friend had a recipe – I *HAD* to try it!)

If you haven’t read my post from yesterday about our terrible cast iron cooked egg removal issue, you might want to hop over there and check it out…you may find it helpful should you decide to start using cast iron. *wink*

My experience this morning was MUCH better as I used coconut oil (as recommended by a friend) when cooking the eggs. I also put them more in the middle of the pan instead of closer to the outside edge.

 photo EggsCollage1_zpseabf3492.jpg

I have to admit I was VERY nervous about clean up — after yesterdays mess.

 photo EggsCollage2_zps139bceca.jpg

But…clean up with a Pampered Chef scrapper and my dish brush and it was clean! Easy as that. Boy did my heart soar (after all the trouble from yesterday!).

I then made bacon in one of our skillets. I wasn’t too concerned about clean up since it is greasy, but I was curious how it would go. But, clean up again was super easy! So happy!!
 photo BaconCollage1_zpsea6de2ba.jpg

And for lunch…dutch oven mac & cheese. THIS was going to be the BIG test…was it going to be easy – or hard – to get the pan clean.

 photo MCCollage1_zps85fa5c02.jpg


I washed it – as I do everything – immediately after using it. I wash with HOT water and NO soap. Again I used my Pampered Chef scraper and the dish brush and it was CLEAN! It wasn’t difficult at all!

I am SO EXCITED! All I have heard over the years is how difficult cast iron is to clean after cooking…well, besides my one experience with the eggs yesterday, all of my experiences have ended with a HUGE smile on my face due to ease of cleaning! (I have also seasoned them after each use with an off-brand of crisco.)

Stay tuned…more cooking with our cast iron coming! (But not today…I am done for today!)

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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One thought on “Cooking with Cast Iron #3

  1. Cristi January 14, 2014 at 10:29 pm Reply

    As I was making scrambled eggs the other day, I remembered what my mom always said about making sure stuff doesn’t get stuck on the pan. “Hot pan, hot oil, then food.” I found that her mantra works well with my cast iron pan. I put the pan on the burner and turn it on until it gets hot. Then, I add my coconut oil and let it get hot. Finally, I add the eggs (or whatever). I have far less sticking doing it that way than I do when I rush and put the coconut oil in before the pan gets hot.


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