Cooking with Cast Iron #2

Our cast iron cookware set arrived on January 2nd…YAY! (Thank you again to my inlaws for the Christmas gift!)

 photo CastIron_010214_zpscfae739c.jpg

So, yesterday, January 3rd, I used two of our new pans.

  • I used the flat griddle to make eggs for breakfast.
  • I used the dutch oven to make roast, potatoes and carrots.

I had two totally different experiences. (More with the cleaning than with the end cooking result.)

Here was my first experience with our cast iron griddle and eggs…first let me say that I was told not to use cooking spray (BIG MISTAKE!)…I would have liked the eggs to have been cooked differently too…they were a little strange (not bad, just different I guess).

Pictures of eggs cooking and pan when done:
 photo EggCollage1_zps2fa9e9ef.jpg

Suggested ways to clean. I tried both. Repeatedly. Even put it back on the stove with water in it to heat it back up again.

 photo EggCollage3_zps8eec4fb8.jpg

Cleaning Process: (two words: A NIGHTMARE!) *FINALLY* with hubby’s muscle, we were able to get it clean and seasoned. WHEW! Learned from this experience! (But will have to investigate further options of how to cook eggs on the griddle…)

 photo EggCollage2_zpseb8969b3.jpg

Still excited about cooking with our cast iron…and knowing that it is still a learning experience and will take time to “get it right.”

Now…unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of our second cast-iron cooking adventure (we had company over and I forgot about the camera!)…roast in the dutch oven. I followed THIS RECIPE (for the most part) and it turned out WONDERFULLY!

Maybe I am weird but I REALLY ENJOYED being able to use the dutch oven on the stove to “sear” (brown) the meat and then take that same pan and put it in the oven to cook all the food…I found that VERY satisfying…is that strange? *grin*

The pot roast, potatoes and carrots cooked beautifully and tasted wonderful! And the smell throughout the house…WOW! Someone needs to put THAT in to a candle!

The pan was dirty but I rinsed it with hot water and used the brush above to scrub it. I did use a little salt too. But overall it came clean quickly. I was VERY EXCITED about that considering our egg adventure. *wink*

Today…cooking a whole chicken in our dutch oven…I still need to find a recipe or cooking instructions so off to do that…

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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4 thoughts on “Cooking with Cast Iron #2

  1. Lisa R @ A Rup Life January 4, 2014 at 10:27 am Reply

    Did you season the pan before cooking the eggs with anything? I would think you need some good greasy foods to make the pan seasoned. Look into cooking foods that do this naturally. 😀 Greasy – bacon….mmmmmm


  2. Meg January 4, 2014 at 10:39 am Reply

    I agree – the initial seasoning protects the iron, but it takes a good buildup to make it truly non-stick. Or, grease the pan with oil before cooking – I always grease with eggs, because the protein in the whites just becomes glue as it cooks. The issue with spray is it generally contains lecithin and propellant which turn gummy on the pan. The roast etc had some fat in it that would have rendered out and helped with sticking, while with eggs there is zero fat in the whites that are in contact with the pan.


  3. AdenaF January 4, 2014 at 9:20 pm Reply

    I LOVE my cast iron but eggs are a pain to clean off. I agree with the above, season with bacon sounds good.


  4. Kym January 6, 2014 at 2:37 pm Reply

    Eggs are one thing I don’t generally do in cast iron, because of the clean-up. But if the pan is well-seasoned it should clean up with a scraper and scrub brush. Also, I melt some butter in the pan before doing eggs, or – even better – fry the eggs immediately after frying the bacon. 😉


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