Science ~ Magic School Bus Kit #1

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A couple weeks ago I saw that Homeschool Buyers Co-Op, which  has FREE membership, was having a half off deal for Magic School Bus Science Kits. About a year ago, we bought the set of Magic School Bus DVDs when they were on a really good sale and have enjoyed most of them so we had a pretty good idea that we would enjoy these too. (Side note: We are aware that MSB does not teach from a Biblical standpoint and have been paying attention to what needed to be removed or discussed so as to match our Biblical views).

Well, I am excited to share that we received our first Magic School Bus monthly kit! It comes with everything you need (except for things you would commonly find around your house).

This is what came in this months kit which is “The Human Body”:
 photo AllKit_zps937daa14.jpg

There are seven projects in this booklet to do for the month. Each project has its own “instruction page”. (We started with Experiment #2 as we do not have any 2-liter bottles at this moment, which are needed for Experiment #1).
 photo InstructionPage_zps92cafb4f.jpg

Here is what we needed for this project “beating heart”: We provided the cup, the colored water and the tape; everything else was provided in the kit.
 photo Start_zps299e94d6.jpg

He used the pipette (which he LOVED!) to move the colored water [blood] from the cup to one of the balloons.
 photo Heart_1_zps550a03f5.jpg

After putting colored water in one balloon we taped both balloons to the straw (one at each end) and the little plastic person in the middle. The straw is to represent the blood flowing out in to the body and then back into the heart because as you squeezed the balloon it went through the straw to the other balloon.

This is our final “beating heart” (next time I will verify his “smile!” is a better smile LOL). Despite his facial expression…he really did enjoy this!
 photo Heart_2_zps663f1820.jpg

Overall we LOVED this project. It was an EXCELLENT hands on way to learn and it kept my sons attention (something that is extremely difficult to do!). The only thing I would do different is to use better tape.

These are all the kits we will get for the year ~ one kit each month.
 photo AllKits_zps355e6197.jpg


We are super excited to do more of this month’s experiments as well as see what we will get in each of the other kits this year! More to come as we enjoy these!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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