Blog Cruise ~ Being Thankful Through Tough Times


This is such a wonderful time of year to STOP and look around and REMEMBER what exactly it is we have to be THANKFUL for…in all honesty, there is SO MUCH the Lord has blessed each of us with especially compared to other countries. That mixed with what He has said in His Word…to provide our NEEDS…how many of us have a lot of our WANTS provided for too!?!

If you read my blog very often you know that we are struggling financially (and have been for MANY YEARS) as we wait for the Lord to provide hubby with a full-time position that pays enough for our family to survive. Until then, we have both been working part-time jobs (note the “s” on that word) to “make ends meet”.

Through the YEARS (note the word YEARS) of struggling the Lord has shown us SO MANY things we can be thankful for…

 photo CellPhone_zps63522152.jpg

No, we don’t have iPhones or any kind of fancy phones, but we do have ONE flip cell phone that does the job it was created to do. We do not have the newest and best technology but we have more than what we need, really.

We do not have the newest and best clothes (most of ours is purchased from local thrift stores) but they fit and they keep us warm. So, we are THANKFUL.

We do not have fancy vehicles. Both of our vehicles are old (one has 160,000 miles and the other has 230,000 miles) and many things do not work that should…but they get us where we need to go. And they are paid off.

No, we don’t get to go on fun vacations to fun or warm places or the beach….but we get to spend time together as a family each day.

 photo Joy_zps3dce10a9.jpg

Being thankful is an attitude of heart. This is something I have come to realize more and more over the years. Do I get jealous of others and their fancy phones and pretty clothes and shiny cars with no rust? Absolutely I do! But then I quickly remember that we have all we need and that, Lord willing, some day we will be able to look back at this time and be even more thankful that we have a little more than we need. I also try to remember that with the additional money will also come additional time away from home. We all enjoy our family time together and will miss that when daddy is working more hours each day.

Another thing for me and my life is family. The Lord is working on me in many different areas…and family is a big one. Again, if you’ve read my blog very much, you know I had a very dysfunctional upbringing. So part of what I am learning is to be thankful for what I have when it comes to family and friends. The Lord is good to provide exactly what we need in this area too.

However, really, for me, overall it comes down to being saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. This life will NEVER offer me everything I WANT…but the Lord will provide us with everything we NEED until He takes us home to Glory….where things will be better than we could have ever expected!

Now, hop over and see what other Crew Members had to say about being thankful by clicking the link. (Link will go live on Tuesday, November 19, 2013).

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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