5-Minute Friday = TRUTH

This meme is hosted by The Gypsy Mama…go check it out, and join in if you’d like!
What is it? (Besides FUN!) She gives you a word and you type for 5 minutes non-stop
not worrying about grammar or punctuation. 

Today’s word is: TRUTH


Truth. What is truth? There are so many different ways to think of this. It seems simple at first, until I really think about it. Then it becomes things like…WHO’S truth? As it would seem many have their own opinion of what truth really is.

To me, since the Lord saved me, there is only one Truth. That is the truth of the word of the Lord found in the Scriptures.

However…again…even there you find many who have differing opinions of what truth is found there.

Truth today seems to be “whatever anyone thinks is their own truth”…but is that really TRUTH? I don’t think so. If you search the Scriptures, you will find truth. Truth that does not contradict. The keyword here is SEARCH. If you just grab any particular scripture from the Bible, you can “twist” it to make it your own truth. BUT…if you SEARCH and confirm what that verse is saying…you will find, there is only ONE truth.

I think it is that way with just about everything really – if we SEARCH – we will find ONE TRUTH. One truth that glorifies all. A big thing about truth is that it isn’t about “putting people down”…it is about lifting people up.


Have a wonderfully blessed day!


One thought on “5-Minute Friday = TRUTH

  1. Christine November 8, 2013 at 4:26 pm Reply

    It’s fun to see how different people weave this word. You and I were on similar paths today. Nice thoughts.


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